You Are Invited: Parent Diversity Committee Monthly Workshop

Workshop #2: Racism, Whiteness and Jews

Facilitator: Bryan Susman, Program Associate for
Jewish Education at Facing History

When: August 17, 2020 at 8:30pm

Join Via Zoom (Meeting ID: 822 5184 4457 and Passcode: Senesh)

RSVP to: Melissa Kushner at

Please join us for the second of a monthly series of workshops that will address the history and current state of race and racism in the US and globally, whiteness and white privilege, and anti-racism.   

Our workshop will focus on racism, whiteness, and Judaism. We will explore the dynamics of whiteness and racism in our own lives and within the Jewish community, and we will examine the difference between how we identify racially and religiously and how we are identified by others. Finally, we will unpack the relationship between antisemitism and anti-Black racism, ending with a discussion about how we might introduce conversations about whiteness and racism with our children. A guiding question will frame our thinking during the session: How do white Jews navigate their multiple and intersecting religious and racial identities?

For this workshop, please read Eric Ward's iconic article, Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism, which discusses the relationship between antisemitism and anti-Black racism. Of course, you are encouraged to attend the workshop even if you are not able to read the article.