Good Morning and Happy Spring.

My favorite part of mud season is Maine Maple Sunday. When my kids were younger, I enjoyed bringing them to local sugar houses to watch the process of boiling off the water from the sap to make sugar. My kids and I enjoyed trying the maple on tasting sticks and then on ice cream. We enjoy the sugar so much that the mud didn't bother us a bit. Of course, my wife was not happy when we returned home muddy and full of sugar. But, I would not trade those moments for anything. The sugar burns off, and the mud can be cleaned. Soon enough the grass will grow and the mud will dry up. Hang in there and enjoy every moment.
In this newsletter I address:

  • What is a bigger threat, Estate and Gift Taxes or Capital Gains Taxes?
  • I include a link to our downloadable Free 3 minute Quiz, "Do I Need A Trust?"
  • If you are in a group that would benefit from an Estate Planning Workshop, please let us know.
  • YOU ARE INVITED... To the Penobscot Bay Business & Community Expo - April 10, 2019.

 Jesse F. Bifulco, Esq.
A very special thank you to all our clients that have referred their friends and family, or who have forwarded our newsletter.
Estate and Gift Tax or Capital Gains?
Do you own property that is worth a lot more now than you paid for it? The camp you inherited, land you bought in 1973, the stock grandpa gave you? These are all potential income tax liabilities.
If you don’t plan right, you can give that tax problem to your children. What if you aren’t worried about the children? What if you just want to get the benefit yourself without paying the capital gains tax? To learn more keep reading on our blog.
Quiz - Do I Need A Trust ?
Download our free checklist to determine if you have the basic estate planning documents necessary to avoid the worst case scenario, and learn how to get what’s missing.
Do you belong to a group that would like to have a speaker?

Our workshops can be designed for your groups estate planning needs. Workshops are approximately 1 hour long and FREE to host. For more information, please contact Donnalee at (207)236-4888 or check our website for more information.
Penobscot Bay Business and Community Expo
You Are Invited... Please visit us at Booth 109 in the Networking Lounge. We look forward to meeting other businesses and members of the community. April 10, 2019 Samoset Resort