Equipping and empowering people.

Giving them hope for their future.

One by one, through your generosity, the Christian HELP Care Management team is partnering with your neighbors to get them back to work.

But this isn't just about finding jobs. It is about getting them on career paths to a brighter future of family independence. When our clients get jobs, our community and economy are better for it.

Raphael is one of those clients. He is a 60-year-old electrician who came to us back in November looking for help. He'd been laid off because of the COVID pandemic. He was scraping to get by and thought his unemployment was about to run out. Raphael needed to provide for his family and had all but given up on a future.

"I was concerned that no one would hire me because of my age and how hard they thought I might be able to work."

Raphael also struggled with technology, so our care manager Kim helped him update his resume. Kim encouraged Raphael to keep thinking and praying about his future. They talked a lot about what Raphael wanted in a job and how to go about finding it. They worked together on how to job search, set up some goals, and Raphael got a job several months later!

Not only did Raphael get a job, but his new position came with the chance for promotion, higher pay, benefits, and weekends off so he could be with his family.

"I am so thankful for Christian HELP. You spent a lot of time with me. It was a hard process, but I felt like you really cared."

Your generosity gave Raphael hope. He is smiling because you have equipped him to get a job and to see a future.

This means that twice as many of your neighbors have hope and can see a brighter future.

Let's give our neighbors that hope!

Every dollar makes double the difference.
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Our next Central Florida Employment Council (cfec.org) job fair is Wednesday from noon to 4 pm at the Central Florida Fairgrounds!

These are some of the biggest job fairs in the region.

We expect nearly 60 ready-to-hire businesses with hundreds of available positions to be on hand and eager to meet face-to-face with job seekers.

Are you hiring? Are you looking for a new job or a better job?

Either way, the job fairs are the place to be, and it is not too late to get in on the action!

Go to cfec.org for more information!