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Welcoming. Hospitable. Friendly. That's what we strive for at Iowa State University.
Home to more than 4,000 international students and scholars from over 100 countries, the university has been fielding concerns from prospective and current international students about travel and safety as it relates to recent immigration orders and policies at the federal level.
Many of those concerns were reflected by a drop in international student applications, not just at Iowa State, but across the nation.
One of the university's goals of the five-year strategic plan is: Continue to enhance and cultivate the Iowa State experience where faculty, staff, students, and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the university and each other.
"We want our prospective international students to know that Ames is a welcoming and safe community where they will be valued and supported," said Katharine Johnson Suski, director of Admissions. "We welcome them and are happy they chose Iowa State."

Iowa State enrolled its first international student in 1878.

"Given the first international student was admitted nearly 150 years ago, i t is not surprising that international students and scholars are an integral, valued, and vibrant part of the ISU community," said Krista McCallum Beatty, director of the International Students and Scholars Office. "They are very welcome here."
Iowa State faculty, staff, and students want you to know that everyone, including international students, are welcome here. As part of the national You Are Welcome Here campaign, Iowa State has put together the following video.
And welcome, is exactly how Maria Betsabe Mantilla-Perez describes it.
"I passed up the opportunity to receive an education from the number one agriculture college in the world to attend Iowa State University," said Mantilla-Perez. "Coming from Ecuador, I was inspired by my major professor, Dr. Maria Salas Fernandez, who is a Hispanic female scientist in a field dominated by men. I came to ISU not only for the excellent academic program, but also for its inclusivity."

Within the university's strategic plan, a sub-goal is: Create, expand, and invest in opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to connect and build meaningful relations with others while recognizing the multiple intersecting identities, perspectives, and developmental differences people hold (aligned with the ACPA NASPA standard for social justice and inclusion).

"International students contribute to the richness of the campus," said Suski. "They share their culture and viewpoints, which helps all of our students grow and be better prepared for the global job market."
Did you know? The city's motto is "Ames, where the world meets."
Iowa State's Mission:
Create, share, and apply knowledge to make
Iowa and the world a better place.

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