You Are Your Greatest Asset
You’re Worth It
1 Corinthians 9:27

Happy Monday!

Did you not know you are your greatest asset. Asset is defined as something useful and valuable. You are a real asset because you are not only useful to the body of Christ but to those God placed in your circle of life. Look at you, you’re amazing! People love you, depend on you and you’re making a remarkable difference in their lives.

In order to continue to be that highly valued irreplaceable person that you are; contrary to what you’ve been taught all your life you must not only think of others; you must think of you. Yes, I said YOU! It’s a known fact that a better you will produce better for those you love and those who love and depend on you.

You must invest in YOU so that you can be highly effective in serving God and others. Here are a few tips to invest in yourself so you can live your Godly purpose, recognize your worth and be appreciated for it by those around you.

Take time to e strengthen and heal. Pray without ceasing. Read and mediate on God’s word daily.
Follow your passion - God has given you a dream, vision and a hobby. Take it off the shelve, dust it off and put it into action.

Be Restored - Get plenty of rest, exercise daily and eat a balanced diet.
Go against the rules; don’t treat yourself once in a while, treat yourself as often as necessary. Don’t just love who you’re becoming, love who you are and who’ve you been because it was that “you” that decide to become a better you. Don’t just laugh out loud, crack up out loud. Don’t stress out about money but do handle it wisely.

Watch your circle of people and those who enter in. Avoid or evacuate negative, selfish, and unclean thoughts, people, places and things.

Again, you are your greatest access. If you don’t invest in you and value your one else will.