Since 2010, EGSA has offered a Company Profile article in each of our issues. For the last several years, our members have asked us to expand the offering and in 2018, with all of the other changes we are making to Powerline Magazine, we decided the timing was perfect!   

Here's how we are changing the
Company Profile article guidelines for 2018:
  • The new version of the Powerline Magazine Company Profile will allow product names and featured descriptions.
  • Powerline Magazine will accept company logos within the graphic images used in the article.
  • EGSA will allow vendors to purchase the space to solicit our members, making the sale of products and services available to non-members trying to attract members of EGSA.

EGSA has 4 opportunities in 2018 to connect you and your products with the readers of our publication in an article/advertorial format. Don't wait! 

Get results - connect with the Power Generation Industry
in a meaningful and informational format!

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