Ensure your fast lube managers are trained to the highest level of industry standards at AOCA's upcoming Management Certification Course.  The deadline to reserve your hotel room at the special rate of $139 per night is March 24th! 
iFLEX 2019 
Discover innovative new products, connect with industry peers, and find inspiration for building and maintaining your business from the inside out. iFLEX at The Car Wash Show is the industry's largest gathering of fast lube professionals, with hours of industry specific education and the largest trade show in the oil change industry.  Join us in Nashville May 13th-15th!

iFLEX Welcome Reception
Last year's iFLEX Welcome Reception at the House of Blues rocked, but this year's reception will rock hard - literally! Don't miss AOCA's Welcome Reception at the Hard Rock Cafe on the evening of May 12th ahead of iFLEX at The Car Wash Show 2019 in Nashville. 
At savings4members we are proud to make saving simple, with no cost and no catch - just a better bottom line for your business. As part of your AOCA membership, you already have access to these discounts. So start off 2019, by learning a little more how you can save on products and services you use every day.

Interested In Joining AOCA's Board of Directors? 
AOCA is seeking dedicated members who demonstrate leadership and excellence in the fast lube industry to serve on the Board of Directors. Serving on the Board is an honor and an exceptional way to give back to the industry and help shape its future! 
Content Marketing Trends for 2019
If there is one overriding trend for social media marketing in 2019, it will be the necessity to plan.

Social media platforms are not new, obviously, and those who use them to establish or build their brand are experienced and purposeful. The days of throwing posts on to the proverbial wall to see what sticks are over. If you want to keep up with them, you'll have to follow their lead. Here are some content marketing trends for 2019.

Q&A  with Affinity HR's  Claudia St. John
Q We have an employee who would like to bring a service dog to work with her.  Do we have to allow this?
AWell, the question of whether you "have to" depends.  Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, which applies to companies with 15 or more employees, an employer should attempt to provide a "reasonable accommodation" to a person with a qualified disability.  The act defines what types of conditions would qualify as a disability.  If the individual is eyesight impaired and allowing her to bring a dog to work does not create an "undue hardship" to your company, then yes, providing that accommodation would be reasonable.  It's a slippery slope from there.  What types of animals are service animals?  What level of mental health ailment would qualify someone as having a disability?  Our best advice is to get some validation from a medical provider for the need for the accommodation and the benefit it would provide and allow the accommodation as you deem appropriate. 
Copies of Employee IDs with I-9 Forms?
Q: Do we need to keep copies of employees' Identification along with their I-9 form? Or can we just physically verify it and fill the information in on the form?

Click here to read the answer
Labor Market Summary
Toward the end of 2018 the US labor market continued to undergo some major changes. Many of these changes directly impact employers and their ability to recruit and retain talent. 
As an employer, here is what you need to know: