AOCA's New Publication: LUBE+

AOCA is pleased to announce the launch of our new publication: LUBE+.

LUBE+ is a different kind of publication for the industry. It will offer inviting, easy-to-read and useful content mixed with messages from AOCA about the benefits of membership and how the association works tirelessly on behalf of operators.

The first issue will be distributed at iFLEX 2016. Get your copy in-person by registering today and meeting us in Nashville, May 9-11.

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Potential Glitch Associated with Kia Oil Filter Mandate

When AOCA filed a Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Kia Motors over their TSB mandate to use only Kia brand oil filters, it looked like a simple case of yet another automaker violating the prohibition against tie-in sales mandates in warranties. Four years and many seized engines later, the situation appears to be something else entirely.  Read the entire March Government Affairs Update.

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Integrated Services, Inc.

Find Ways to Engage Customers

To grow their customer base, quick lube shops used to advertise in the phone book, mail some coupons and maybe advertise in local publications. That doesn't work so well anymore, partly because competition is fiercer than ever. If the market can withstand another shop in your neighborhood, somebody will open one. Read More

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Online Technician Training

The AOCA Online Technician Academy offers an easy and convenient way for members to ensure their technicians are educated and certified with industry standards.

The Technician Academy consists of eight lessons and a final exam. Lessons cover everything from technician roles and responsibilities to customer service.

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Congrats Management Certification Course Grads!

Management Certificate Course

Sam Battaglia, Billy Navarre Chevrolet
Ryan Bisch, Palos Oil N' Lube
Kody Dennis, Qik Lube
Michael Dennis, Victory Lane Quick Oil Change
James Detjens, CarBuffs
Justin Feld, Victory Lane Quick Oil Change
Matt Fritz, LOF-Xpress Oil Change
Matt Klucas, LOF-Xpress Oil Change
Eladio Lagunas, Quick Oil, Inc.
Steven Lang, Auto Lube Plus
Brett Morrison, Longhorn Lube Inc.
Rob Pinder
Morris Pitt, VIP Group LLC
Zach Routh, The Duke of Oil
Chris Shinsako, The Duke of Oil
Shane Sylvester, The Duke of Oil
Micah Triplett, Qik Lube
Mac Wansley, Seymour Oil & Lube

Thanks to Federated Insurance for sponsoring the spring Management Certification Course.

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5 Employee Handbook Updates

By Claudia St. John, SPHR, President Affinity HR Group, LLC

If it has been a few years since your last employee handbook (and if you don’t have one, we need to talk), now might be the time to dust it off and give it a good update. On the federal, state and even local levels, there have been many new laws enacted and critical court decisions that need to be reflected in your handbook. Read more

Enjoy Claudia's monthly HR articles? Register for iFLEX 2016 and catch her in person!

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Cyber-Crime is Scary and Expensive

Business owners today understand the tremendous benefits of using the Internet, computers, and technology in their everyday operations. Unfortunately, all that technology can open the door to some very serious cyber threats. Every business that is “plugged in” is a target for criminals to steal, spy, and cause major disruption. Read More

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April 2016

* First Issue of LUBE+

* Potential Glitch Associated with Kia Oil Filter Mandate

* Find Ways to Engage Customers

* Online Technician Training

* Congrats Management Certification Grads

* 5 Employee Handbook Updates

* Cyber-Crime is Scary and Expensive

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