iFlex Is Just Over One Month Away!
iFlex at The Car Wash Show is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center April 26th-28th! Join over 8,000 car care professionals at the industry's biggest event of the year!

iFlex is the oil change industry's signature trade show event. It's the best way to connect with countless industry vendors, and to network with your peers in the industry. 

AOCA is also offering hours of education at the Show. CLICK HERE to view the AOCA education schedule. 

AOCA members receive special discounted pricing to the Show. Prior to registering, simply email  jenna@aoca.org or call (800) 230.0702 to secure a discount code. 
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Interested in sponsorship? Click here to view opportunities and contact Kristy Babb at Kristy@aoca.org for more information. 
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2018 President's Reception & Membership Meeting

AOCA members are invited to an exclusive members-only event: the AOCA President's Reception & Membership Meeting @ iFlex! 

This can't-miss event will take place at The House of Blues on the Las Vegas Strip on Wednesday evening, April 25th prior to the start of iFlex at The Car Wash Show! Join your peers in the oil change industry for bites, beverages, and good times with good people! 

For more information or to register, click here. You can also RSVP by contacted Jenna Bailey at Jenna@aoca.org or by calling (800) 230-0702. 

See you in Las Vegas! 
March Government Affairs Update
Have you viewed this month's Government Affairs update? AOCA members can view the update to find out what you need to know for March. 

In this edition: 
  • Troublesome GM Engine Design Sparks Defects Concern
  • 0W16 Engine Oil-Can it be required if it's not readily available?
  • Fast Lube Industry Convention Time is Just Around the Corner
  • California/New York Continue to Stigmatize Severe Service Recommendations
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Q&A with Affinity HR's 
Claudia St. John: Guns at Work
Q: With all of the talk about gun violence, do I have the right as an employer to prohibit anyone from bringing a firearm on our property?

A:  While most states allow an employer the right to prohibit firearms in the actual workplace, 22 states allow employees with appropriate carry/conceal licenses to store their guns in their vehicles while the vehicle is parked in a worksite parking lot.  The following states have "Parking Lot Storage" laws that give employees the right to keep firearms when parked on employer-owned property:  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. 

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Violence at Work - How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Recent events in the world have many employers thinking about gun violence and what appropriate measures to take to ensure their workplace is a safe place for employees, clients, vendors and all others who enter. While protecting against gun violence at work is a serious, important, and timely topic, violence at work in general is equally important and worthy of discussion.

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Exclusive Offers from 
AOCA's Savings4Members
Savings4Members is offering our members huge savings with limited time promotions. 

A few featured programs include:
  • Discounts instore and online at Office Depot and Staples.
  • 5 lines for $95 a month with unlimited data, talk and text with Sprint.
  • Save at least 10 cents per gallon at the pump with a fuel card.
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It seems like every few months, we have to write about another change in the Facebook news feed algorithm that will reduce the organic reach for  your business page.
That's probably because, every few months, we have to write another post about the algorithm change-it happens that frequently.

Last year, the change resulted in yet another drop in organic reach, reducing it to as little as one percent. The idea was to tweak feeds so that users will see more of the things they want to see and less of what businesses want them to see-and to pull in more money from advertising, of course. That worked, because Facebook just realized its most profitable year yet.

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Question of the Month: Send Employee I-9 Expiration Reminder?

Q: One of our current employees is a lawful permanent resident and her permanent resident card expires on 2/22/2018 according to the I-9 that she completed when she was hired. My question is whether we, as her employer, can send her a reminder of this upcoming expiration date?

A: Yes, you can. We are not aware of any law prohibiting the employer from reminding the employee of the upcoming expiration of her employment eligibility documentation and of the need to produce current evidence of work authorization prior to the date of expiration and in fact, it is a good idea to do so. Note that only documents listed as acceptable on the most current version of the Form I-9 can be accepted to verify her employment eligibility (as opposed to the List of Acceptable Documents as may have been in effect at the time of hire - it has changed over the years). You may wish to give the employee in question a copy of the current List of Acceptable Documents along with the reminder notice so that she is aware of what documents the employer can accept. It is available on the last page of the Form I-9 itself which is available online at  USCIS (see also " Acceptable Documents").

Note that if the employee in question does not produce documentation by 2/22/18 that evidences continued employment eligibility, the employer cannot employ her after that date. Want to learn more?. Click  here to listen to our podcast on Acceptable Documentation.