iFLEX 2017: Education Tailored for Your Day-to-Day Needs
Education at iFLEX 2017 puts the emphasis on technical content designed to help you thrive day-to-day. Head to iFLEX 2017, April 4-6, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, to connect with the experts and peers who can help you grow your business.

Once again, AOCA will be co-locating our annual iFLEX convention and tradeshow with the International Carwash Association's (ICA) annual The Car Wash Show. ICA is a nonprofit group representing the retail and supply segments of the professional car wash industry in North America and around the globe. Last year alone, the show attracted nearly 7,000 car wash, quick lube and related business professionals. 

iFLEX 2017 is an event you won't want to miss!  Check out the top ten reasons to attend.

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AOCA Partner, PISTN: Marketing Accelerated

That's particularly true in the digital world, where more and more people are hanging out and advertisements are increasingly getting ignored. Banner ad click-through rates continue to decline, your organic reach via social media is almost non-existent, and many consumers now use ad-blockers that keep your message from getting through.

To be successful next year, you'll have to rely on Permission Marketing, First described by marketing guru  Seth Godin, permission marketing is essentially the concept of anti-spam-it means that marketing to others is a privilege, not a right. In order to market to customers, old and new, you'll need their permission to send them content and then have to follow up by giving them relevant material that is personal and useful.  Click here for some of the more reliable forms of marketing.

As an AOCA partner, PISTN: Marketing Accelerated offers AOCA members discounted services. Visit their member page to learn more .
Q&A with Affinity HR's Charlotte Jensen
Q:  We have an employee who was terminated for poor performance.  Now she is applying for another job and they are calling asking for a reference.  Honestly, she was terrible and I would never hire her again.  Can I tell the new employer that?

A: The current "best practice" is to provide only verification of employment dates and salary when providing a reference.  In most cases, this is a good practice, but if your ex-employee was fired for a serious incident - violence, theft, and discrimination for example - it's better to be honest about your reasons for termination.  This is because if an employer hires the ex-employee based in part on your reference and the employee goes on to do harm, you could bear some responsibility in that negligent hire.      

Learn more about AOCA's partnership with Affinity HR Group and how you can access custom support to your most challenging people management issues.
New Discounts from AOCA's Savings 4 Members
Join Savings 4 Members on January 26 at 4pm EST for the "4 at 4" webinar. Gain valuable insight from their panel of guest speakers and industry experts about best practices, breaking news, marketing technology tips and a featured vendor deal. Click here to register. 

Click here to learn more or contact a Savings Consultant at info@savings4members.com or 844.346.3746
Vendor Promotions
View all current promos here.
  • New: Save 25 percent off one item (Online only. Exclusions apply) through 2/3/2017 with Office Depot
  • Expiring Soon: Save 12 cents per gallon when you enroll by 1/31/2017 with Exxon Mobil.
  • Extended: Save 10 cents when you enroll by 3/31/2017 with Sunoco and Stripes
  • Ongoing: Get 25 percent off your first order with free shipping (no minimum required) with MSC.
Access Free Online Training Programs
In partnership with Federal-Mogul Motorparts, AOCA members can access a number of online training programs at no cost, and receive 15 percent off all other Federal-Mogul training programs, both online and instructor-led.

These free training offerings cover topics such as b rakes, steering and suspension, engine and sealing, and much more. 

Click here to view and access the full list of training offerings.
Risk Management Corner: Good Reasons to Have a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Program
In its simplest form, managed care describes a variety of techniques that, when properly deployed, can help support an effective risk management program. These strategies can be most effective when they concentrate on both injury prevention and post-injury techniques.

Testing May Equal Savings
One effective managed care strategy is a drug-free workplace program, which, when used where appropriate, often includes pre-employment, random, or post-incident drug testing. An appropriately utilized and compliant program can help monitor and alcohol use. A drug-free workplace program can also offer benefits over and above its initial intent. 

HR Question of the Month: Unpaid FMLA and paid holidays?
Question: We received a question regarding unpaid FMLA leave and holiday pay. An employee has requested unpaid FMLA leave. There are paid holidays during the leave period. Is the employee entitled to holiday pay?

It's Your Life: Triple Protection Plan - An Employee Retention Strategy
Over the years you've built a profitable business. You've invested your money, your time, and your passion. Now ask yourself, "What is my most valuable business asset?" While physical assets-the buildings and equipment-support financial goals, the success of many businesses can be traced to the good judgment, skills, and expertise of your key employees.