Introducing Bryan White, AOCA Executive Director

Bryan White

AOCA announced in July that Bryan White has been named Executive Director. White will report to the AOCA Board of Directors and manage all business operations, finances and strategy for AOCA. This change was effective August 1.

White brings more than eight years of association management experience, which includes roles focused around marketing and communication strategy, value proposition development, strategic partnerships, volunteer engagement, membership growth and strategic planning.  

We're happy to have Bryan on board!

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Get to Know Bryan White

  1. How long have you been working with associations?

    I've been working with associations for eight years.

  2. Over that eight years, what positions have you held?

    I've held various positions in the areas of marketing, programs and services, membership, education and strategic planning. All eight years have been spent working with business owners serving trade associations.

  3. What are you looking forward to most about working with AOCA?

    AOCA has had big announcements the past couple weeks, most notably the co-location of the 2016 iFLEX annual convention and trade show and The Car Wash Show. We are also working on a number of new initiatives that will further enhance the member experience. These are exciting times for AOCA and I look forward to, and am grateful for, the opportunity to play an instrumental role in building these initiatives. Opportunities like this is why I do what I do.

  4. Tell us more about your past experience in car care and related industries?

    Though high school and college I worked at a Goodyear Tire and Auto changing tires, performing oil changes and brake service. My grandfather also raced midgets and sprint cars as I was growing up. The majority of my weekends were spent at the track hanging out in the pits.

  5. What do you do in your personal time?

    My passion is motocross. I've been racing for about 25 years, eight of those years professionally full-time. I currently teach motocross schools, give private instruction a couple days a week, and participate in a handful of races throughout the year.

  6. What is your favorite car you've ever owned?

    I bought my grandfather's 1985 Toyota Supra a few years ago. It sat in his garage for close to 30 years and he never drove it. I purchased it with only 23,000 miles and it was like new.

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AOCA and ICA Co-locating Trade Show and Convention

Beginning next year in Nashville, AOCA will be co-locating our iFLEX show with the International Carwash Association's (ICA) annual The Car Wash Show. ICA is the nonprofit group representing the retail and supply segments of the professional car wash industry in North America and around the globe. Last year alone, The Car Wash Show attracted nearly 7,000 car wash and related business professionals.  

iFLEX and The Car Wash Show 2016 will be held May 9-11 in the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.  

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Simple Marketing Tips for Quick Lubes

At iFLEX 2015, Ted Janusz, president of Janus Presentations LLC, presented on marketing strategies for quick lube owners. We talked with Janus about some simple ways quick lubes can boost their marketing strategies. Below are highlights from that conversation.

How can quick lubes use their websites to bring in more customers?

Up to 92 percent of customers are looking for local businesses and they'll start with an Internet search. They'll start with “How often should I change my oil?” So the savvy person would have that question and an answer on their website. Then the quick lube operator looks like the expert and that's what consumers want. [Consumers] are not searching for ads like they're searching for information or content. So if you provide the content, they'll go, “Who is this person?” Read More

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Attend a Management Course

Our first course, held in Irving, Texas, is coming up fast. This location is one of our most popular, so register today and save your spot!

For years, the AOCA Management Certification Course has received rave reviews and helped propel energetic students into more valuable employees. 

September 22-23, 2015
Irving, Texas

Additional courses will be held in Chicago and Washington, DC. View all course information here.

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Congratulations to our recent private Management Certification Course graduates from Hawaii!

Justin Albano, Flagship Fast Lube
Tiffany Antonio, Flagship Fast Lube
Annelysa Barba, Flagship Fast Lube
Chris Barba, Flagship Fast Lube
Dylon Bautista, Flagship Fast Lube
Justin Cindsay, Hawaii Lube Co.
James Condon, Flagship Fast Lube
Billy Joe Duldulao, Flagship Fast Lube
Efren Marcos, Flagship Fast Lube
Lance McQuirk, Hawaii Lube Co.
Shawn Porter, Flagship Fast Lube
Richard Tadeo, Flagship Fast Lube
Chad Tupinio, Flagship Fast Lube

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Save Thousands with AOCA's Savings 4 Members

Your AOCA membership is important, which is why we have launched Savings 4 Members, a collection of pre-negotiated vendor programs that have proven to save members thousands of dollars annually.

“I couldn't believe the level of savings the new provider offered. It not only covered the cost of my AOCA membership, but it saved me more than 10 times that amount!” - David Haney, AOCA Vice President

Save with programs such as:

•  Credit card processing

•  Facility maintenance & operations and repair products

•  Fuel cards

•  Uniforms and facility services

•  Office supplies and services

Learn more and sign up for a program today.

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New Overtime Rules

By Claudia St. John, President, Affinity HR Group

An upcoming federal rule change announced recently by President Obama has the potential of making millions of workers newly eligible for overtime and thereby impacting many of our clients and industry partners. This change, which does not require congressional approval and which is slated to go into effect in 2016, will affect businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Read More

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Federated Insurance Education Articles

Are There Holes in Your Umbrella Policy?

When was the last time you reviewed your umbrella limits? Four years ago? Five years? More? That's probably four or five years too many. Why? Can you name anything that costs less than it did five years ago? Probably not. That goes for legal costs and settlements too—they continue to increase exponentially. Read More

Estate Planning

If a family member had a serious heart condition that required surgery, we would surely seek out the best cardiovascular specialist available to perform the operation. The same should hold true when seeking advice on our estate and business succession plans. Read More

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