iFLEX Registration is Open!

Registration for iFLEX 2016 is now open. Take a look at our website to learn more about education and networking opportunities.

Remember, we are co-locating with The Car Wash Show, meaning there will be expanded opportunity to network and meet vendors on the tradeshow floor.

Register now!

Don't forget to book your room. Reservations can be made at several hotels.

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In Memoriam

AOCA is saddened by the passing of long time AOCA supporter Howie Loewen. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

View more information from NOLN.

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Consider Becoming an AOCA Education Supporter

The AOCA Education Supporter Program provides funding to support operators evolving need for additional training and resources at competitive prices. With your support, AOCA can continue to develop and offer modern, cost-effective and dynamic solutions to enhance productivity and profitability that will benefit not only the operators that participate, but also their supplier partners and the industry as a whole.

This new program provides a package of benefits including your membership dues, while also providing your company with year-long exposure. Learn more

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Fired Up with Enthusiasm - or Just Plain Fired?

By Frances Moffett

When you hear the word “enthusiasm,” what does it bring to mind? Is it a term you've heard some pie-in-the-sky motivational speaker toss around, or is it something you view as critical to the success of your business?

Author and business trainer Glen Gould, of GlenGould.net, spoke at iFLEX 2015 on the idea of finding enthusiasm in any situation and being able to successfully transfer that feeling onto others. He defines it as the ability to joyfully engage in a task or activity with confident, unconscious skill. Read More

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New Year, New Opportunity to Learn

AOCA provides outstanding educational opportunities throughout the year. From Management Certification Courses to the Technician Academy, AOCA members have ample opportunity to increase their professional skillset.

Take a look at our offerings and consider attending one (or more!) in 2016.

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Have You Taken Advantage of AOCA Member Benefits?

2015 saw the addition of several cost savings programs. Don't forget to take a look at what is available and start saving today!

AOCA Savings 4 Members
The average independent business saves 20 percent on their total operational costs by utilizing these cost savings programs. Plus, you will gain extra time and ease frustrations by eliminating the need to contact multiple vendors, compile quotes, negotiate rates, and finally making the decision to switch providers.

Affinity HR
Through our partnership with Affinity HR, AOCA members enjoy discounted prices for services including:

  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Recruiting & Placement
  • Compensation
  • Organization & Employee Development

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5 Keys Workforce Trends for 2016

By Claudia St. John, SPHR, President Affinity HR Group, LLC

Whenever we start the process of closing out one year and planning for the next, it is always useful to identify and take stock of the major workforce trends for the coming year. So, as you prepare your budget for the year ahead and develop your annual workforce strategy, we've identified five key trends for you to consider. Read More

Enjoy Claudia's monthly HR articles? Register for iFLEX 2016 and catch her in person!

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Federated Insurance Articles

What is "Virtual Estate" Planning?

There's a piece of the overall estate planning process that few think about or may even be aware of:  planning the handling of their “virtual estate.”

If you're part of the majority of Americans who use the Internet for everything from banking to shopping to socializing, you have virtual estate, because these activities require digital accounts complete with a user name and password. Read More

Risk Management: A Peek Inside Your Company Culture

Risk management is often thought of as something to do, but just as importantly, it's also something to believe. It's a state of mind that, when shared by everyone in an organization can enrich the company culture and become a valuable asset to customers. Read More

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