Plan to Present at iFLEX 2016 - Submit Your Topic Today!

AOCA is pleased to issue this Call for Speakers for iFLEX 2016, taking place May 9 – May 11, 2016 at the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

AOCA invites members, industry professionals and subject matter experts to share their experience and expertise with an audience of fast lube owners and operators by submitting an educational session for consideration. Learn More

Hotel reservations are now available for iFLEX 2016. Visit our website to learn more.

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State Regulators Take Aim at ATF Regulation

The November Government Affairs Update centers around recent updates to ATF regulation. Along with the update, members were given the opportunity to participate in a survey that will better help AOCA present the complete case on responsible ATF manufacturing and application. View Government Affairs Update

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Are You Prepared to Close the Books?

By Frances Moffett

Managing your company's financials is probably not the most exciting aspect of your business, but it is one of the most crucial. There are many approaches to how companies can keep track of the money coming in and going out of the business, and while there is not one specific way to do this, there are some general guidelines you can follow, particularly when it comes to preparing to close the books for year-end. Read More

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Happy Holidays from AOCA

The AOCA staff wishes you a very happy start to the holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the AOCA team

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Get Your Member Exclusive Free Downloads Today!

AOCA offers its members an abundance of free downloads in our Online Store. Head to the store today and access any one of our free downloads, including:

  • Job Descriptions and Orientation Checklist
  • Driveline Service Interval Chart
  • SPCC Plan Template
  • And more!
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    Managing Millennials

    By Claudia St. John, President – Affinity HR Group, LLC

    “I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words. When I was a boy, we were taught to be discrete and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly wise and impatient of restraint.” Read More

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    Distracted Driving

    Imagine yourself standing alongside a busy road, watching the cars go by. Now pretend you have super powers and can see everything going on in each car, and you see this: A driver looks down at his phone to check GPS directions. At the same time, traffic ahead slows. That driver's quick glance at his phone is enough of a distraction for him to not be prepared for the traffic slowdown. He rear-ends the vehicle in front of him resulting in two deaths and serious injuries to himself. Read More

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    Investment in Key Employees

    Many business owners train and mentor employees only to have them leave in two or three years. Have you experienced the loss of a promising employee? Then you know the costs related to turnover are high and getting higher as jobs become more specialized. You probably offer the usual employment benefits, perhaps even a retirement plan, but that may not be enough in today's specialized world. Younger workers in particular don't want to wait until retirement for a bonus—they often think in shorter terms. You may want to reward certain key employees and let them know how special they really are to your operation. So, ideally, you need a shorter-term benefit that can work well at retaining these key employees. Read More

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