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February 2017
Christmas Chickens & Dinner Stuffs

Oasis Church in Oxford, Mississippi funded the chickens for the Christmas dinner again this year. Our Iowa supporters purchased all the trimmings plus provided Christmas meals for children on Mt. Elgon and in Bungoma. Even though we weren't able to give individual gifts, the children appreciated their favorite meal of chicken, rice, ugali, greens and beans. 
The CAP house we built in 2009/10 got much needed improvements recently. Bunk beds were remade to fit the new mattresses we bought last October, fresh, washable paint was put in all the rooms, and plumbing was repaired in the bathrooms. Wow, what a face lift for the moms and children!

School is Back in Session for 126 Students!

CAP School began its second year a few weeks ago. We now have 126 children enrolled; approximately 55 more than last year. Most of the students are preschool age, but we can accommodate up to 4th grade until more classrooms are built. Recently, funds were afforded to break ground on the kitchen/cafeteria. This dining area is required by the Ministry of Education in Kenya. Will Guest, leader of the Mississippi group called "Room #4" is planning to travel to Kenya soon to see the new construction first hand. Will, his mother, Mary Catherine and other Mississippi supporters have worked hard raising funds. Their desire is for this school to look beautiful and provide excellent education for the children. It is coming to pass!
Peter Goes Home

One of our CAP graduates is heading back to South Sudan. Changkuoth, who we call Peter, was Pastor John's valuable helper until a few days ago.  He came with Pastor John to Kenya, completed his schooling and one year of business training. 
Since graduation, he couldn't stop thinking about his family which he hasn't seen for 15 years.  He wants to  find work in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and help rebuild his country. This is the vision Pastor John and Children Are People have for the children. We want to raise up godly young people with skills necessary to work in South Sudan.  South Sudan is suffering severe famine right now all because of civil wars. Pray for Peter as he secures employment and finds his place in his war-torn homeland.  
Updates from Mt. Elgon

Pastor Davidson is waiting for the rains to fall on his newly ploughed ground.  He grows food for many AIDS children and widows on the mountain. He is known all over Mt. Elgon. He lost his flash drive with pictures so no Christmas photos to show you. Sorry :(

Trekking up the mountain!
Pastor Titus has a church and school high up on Mt Elgon. Pastor Davidson took me there two years ago, I fell in love with them. CAP teams visited the school the last two years taking supplies, clothing and food. The pastor told us he can hardly feed the 60 children at school for lunch. The whole budget is about $180 per month to feed all the children. I want to try to send $50 per month to help feed them. If more comes in for them, they could use pencils and paper, a prized commodity. Someone from the school walks several kilometers to fetch water each day. If you really want to bless them, we could buy a donkey to bring that water up the mountain!
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Thanks again for your continued support. Giving statements 2016 went out in January. Such a difference was made because of your generous donations. I stand in awe of what God does with Children Are People, Inc. 

Blessings to you,
Dixie Koch

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