Your Donations are Bringing Food - and Joy - to Elephants in Nepal 

Every elephant lover knows what squeaks and trumpets mean -- excitement and pleasure! Click the image above to hear the joy EAI supporters have brought at least 100 elephants in Nepal by funding deliveries of supplemental food.

Lucky Kali & Chanchal Kali share fresh farm produce.
A happy hatti (elephant) selecting her own produce.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Nepal is in lockdown. The privately owned elephants used in tourism throughout Asia, including in Sauraha, Nepal, have been out of work, which means no income for their owners.
EAI learned from an April 21st article in the Kathmandu Post that privately owned elephants in Nepal might be forced to make do with reduced food rations.

Thanks to you, our supporters, EAI was able to come up with an ingenious solution that benefits not only the elephants but also local farmers, who were going to have to leave their crops to spoil in the fields.
Find out how we did it.

And read this coverage by the Good News Network

Very special people helping the elephants!
Working hard for the elephants.

Thanks to our generous supporters we've been making food deliveries for several weeks. If you'd like to keep the deliveries rolling in, please make a donation of any amount. You are supporting the health of elephants and their community. 

Click on the image above to watch a video of the community effort to help the elephants.

We're happy to report that the government continues to allow the privately owned elephants to graze along the Rapti River within Chitwan National Park during the day. The elephants are relishing this change in their usual daily routine of carrying tourists. Instead they're eating delicious grasses and drinking and bathing in the river.

EAI will petition the government to continue this new routine after the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted.

Click on the image above to watch eles cross the Rapti River to graze.

We're also happy to let you know that the community forest that belongs collectively to the neighboring village of Kumroj, is allowing private elephant owners to collect fresh grass for their elephants. The grass is an extremely healthy component of their diet and essential for their overnight feed.
It's heartening to see so many people, near and far, come together for elephants in need.

Volunteers and mahouts collect and transport grass from the Kumroj Community Forest for the elephants.

Atlanta Magazine Profiles Carol Buckley

An in-depth look at Carol Buckley's life, from her first meeting with Tarra to her present work in south Georgia and Nepal. Read the article
Carol Zooms Elephants into Maine Classroom

Carol fields questions from Windsor Elementary School students via Zoom.

Keeping students engaged in online learning can be tough - especially after weeks of stay-at-home orders and disruptions to normal routines.
Helen Beesley, a sixth- and seventh-grade English language arts teacher at Windsor Elementary School in Maine, reached out to EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley to invite EAI into her virtual classroom.
Carol read her award winning book, Tarra and Bella: The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends, to Mrs. Beesley's students and then took questions.
The collaboration was so successful Carol and Mrs. Beesley plan to continue the partnership into the next school year. And EAI will use the experience to develop a model to use in schools throughout the country.
You can read more about Mrs. Beesley's approach to enhancing online education and the collaboration with EAI in the Kennebec Journal .

If you're an educator using an online platform for distance learning, EAI can provide content on elephant welfare, conservation, care, rehabilitation and creating refuge. Write us at for more information.
Spread Peace with EAI Prayer Flags

Want to learn more about Tibetan Prayer flags? Click the image above to hear Carol explain.

Many believe that Tibetan prayer flags bring peace and prosperity to everyone around them, something all of us could use more of in these stressful times.
We like to think that EAI's custom designed prayer flags also remind us of how we're all connected by our love of elephants, wherever we're located on the globe. The flags are created in Nepal with the same reverence and respect as traditional prayer flags and each flag proudly carries the symbol of an EAI program.
This spring we're offering a Spread Peace special on our flags. Each strand has 24 flags and for every strand you buy, we'll give you another for free.
For a donation of $18 (which includes postage), we'll send you 1 strand, plus 1 free strand. For $38 (which also includes postage), we'll send a pack of 5 strands plus a free pack of 5.
Looking ahead, we invite you to join us on New Year's Eve for a virtual celebration and flag burning ceremony to send our prayers and wishes up to the heavens.

As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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