You CAN Negotiate a Payer Contract
Many physicians assume that attempting to negotiate a payer contract is hopeless - but that is just not true.

The types of difficulties that physicians and their practices experience with payer contracting can be broken down in several broad categories, encompassing everything from contract negotiations to unannounced changes (amendments). 
CodeToolz Can Help

With your Physician Charge and Payer Analysis (PCPA) Tool, templated payer letters and a few proven techniques, negotiation attempts oftentimes are successful. Our physician clients report winning both payment and term changes in their contracts.
Some Considerations

  • Do the payer allowables cover your true costs of doing business?
  • How are the allowables calculated and the implications for the services you provide?
  • Is the contract paid based on a proprietary fee schedule, percentage of Medicare, or a percentage of billed charges?
  • Is the contract crucial to your payer mix?

Only after you have a clear picture of how the contract will affect your practice as a business can you negotiate/renegotiate effectively, to get the terms and fees you need to remain profitable. Sometimes no contract is better than a bad one.
Stay One Step Ahead

Your PCPA Tool will absolutely help you in terms of potential improvement of your payer contracts. It provides significant details by payer and CPT ® code and allows you to test different fee schedules that a payer offers. Counter-offer based on the payment terms you would like.
Better Contracts and Improving Your Bottom-Line

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