May 2018, Issue 4

WAV Group Newsletter
By Victor Lund

Imagine a world where every real estate agent, broker and franchise in the nation promoted their real estate mobile app to consumers. The app is white-label branded to the agent, broker, and franchise offering direct access to every MLS listing without any competitive ads. That is the way it would need to work. Guess what, we have it. You have it. Our industry has it. Today.
By Kevin Hawkins

Milestones. Every career has these extra special events. So what qualifies something for milestone status? I think it's when all you have to do is mention what you did and the immediate reaction from others is: "Wow." Lifelong Realtor Ben Caballero's career is filled with milestones.
By David Gumpper

It was a great week at NAR Midyear to re-connect with fellow colleagues, have sonorous discussions about the industry, and – of course – chitchat about the current controversial brew-ha-ha that seems to occur around these types of events.
By Victor Lund has been running in 4 th  position in the portal race, tucked in behind Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia. I thought that their old site was fine, but their new site adds in Artificial Intelligence in ways that make the consumer experience fantastic. In a world of sameness, Homes has changed the game.
By Kevin Hawkins

It’s real estate tech’s best sleeper story of super success. Tech Helpline, created and owned by Florida Realtors, is the real estate industry’s number one tech support service. By a country mile. I will bet you can’t even name who is ranked number two. Or three, or four, or any of their direct competitors for that matter. I can’t, and I am a consultant for them.