Volume 14, Issue 3
November 7, 2023
Dear PARA Member,

Many of you asked for the ability to pay PARA dues online, and now you can! Here is your direct link to register your account and pay online. Once you are signed in to your account, you will be able to pay your dues by credit card, check your most recent dues status, update your contact information, and change your password.

Your 2024 dues are payable now, so please go ahead and use PARA’s brand new online dues payment service. It is far easier than filling out the dues form, writing a check, putting a stamp on the envelope, and mailing it. Online dues payments are secure, as is your contact information. PARA will continue to accept dues payments by check for those who prefer this method. The Fall newsletter will include a dues remittance envelope, as before, for your convenience.

PARA’s last big news was the launch of a new version of its new website, www.paranynj.org, on May 1. Please take it for a test drive, if you haven’t already. The website is your 24/7 information source that PARA gathers and vets for Port Authority and PATH retirees, and for employees nearing retirement.

The Fall PARA-phernalia newsletter should be in your mailbox by the end of this month. We hope you will continue to enjoy news via this traditional way. We do get returns for some of the Spring and Fall newsletters, we need your help to check that your contact information is up to date. It will ensure that you continue to receive this important member benefit, and will help PARA reduce waste. While you can use the dues remittance card in the newsletter to send a check, you can also use it to update your contact information, then mail it back to us in the envelope provided. A much faster way is to verify and/or update your contact information by going to the Member Login page.

Please share this latest information with your fellow retirees and encourage them to become members of PARA.


Your PARA Board
What is PARA?
The Port Authority Retirees Association (PARA), a not-for-profit corporation, was formed in 1989 to promote the welfare of retirees of the Port Authority (and PATH). PARA advocates on behalf of Port Authority retirees with several organizations, including fostering and encouraging legislation that maintains or improves our circumstances primarily as it affects the pensions of the New York State Retirement System. PARA has some 4,000 members residing in 39 states and 12 countries. It maintains an active affiliation with the Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA) and the Alliance of Public Retiree Organizations (APRO) representing some 500,000 retirees and beneficiaries in the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS).
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