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We don't have to tell you that it's a stressful time for many.

As businesses re-open all over the country, employees' safety is at the forefront of everybody's minds. We would like to do our part to help protect your employees and their families.

To help, we have added personal protective equipment to our online store. EMC now offers KN95 and 3-ply face masks, among other safety products on our site. We continue to carry only high-caliber first aid and protective equipment, in keeping with the level of quality that you have always expected from EMC.

We now also provide certification courses online. Organizations can take courses together or assign them to individuals. We know these certifications matter and that lifesaving opportunities don't always respect social distance. All blended learning courses include any equipment you'll need for the accompanying assessments. And, as always, your hard work will result in a two-year certification from ASHI.

Our hope is that this allows personnel who are up for recertification the means to do it as safely and as soon as possible.

Follow the buttons below to see what courses and equipment we provide, or to opt out of specific categories of email from us.

Stay safe, and thank you for all you do,

Stephanie and the EMC family
Products and Services
Blended Learning
We now offer individual and group training online, as well as certification testing online. Almost all of our courses and certifications are available, including CPR and AED.
Personal Protective Equipment
If you're training to help in an emergency, you're training to respond first. We now provide personal protective equipment so you can respond safely.
We continue to offer both AED products for your business locations and AED management programs to help you ensure consistency and legal compliance.
The Benefits of eLearning in CPR Training
eLearning Solutions for CPR
If your goal is to improve the CPR learning experience, eLearning may be the answer.
CPR training has evolved markedly over the past 10 years. Learners still have access to traditional instructor-led courses. However, there are also online courses and low-dose, high-frequency models of training.

Studies show 50-60% better consistency of learning through technology-based training.
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