Liebert Trinergy UPS
Each day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. Continuous operation is vital.

With the Liebert Trinergy Cube UPS you get the latest UPS offering by Vertiv™, delivering unsurpassed performance to medium and large data centers. The Trinergy Cube UPS is a high power UPS capable of hot scaling up to 1.6 MW in a single UPS. This unique capability, as well as its unparalleled efficiency and its unprecedented installation flexibility makes it stand out over the competition.
Ready to evolve with growing business demands, Trinergy offers the highest level of power availability, reduced TCO, and minimum energy consumption. The compact 400kVA core allows Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube to scale up to 1600 kW as power demand increases. The latest high efficiency Dynamic Online mode enables operating efficiency up to 99% without sacrificing availability. Compatible with Lithium-ion battery systems.
Key Benefits
  • Add power cores as business demands grow
  • High system availability by design
  • Space-saving design minimizes footprint
  • Maximizes power density
  • Maximizes active power capacity
  • Reduces operating expenses
  • Drives down cost of ownership
  • Easy to service and install

Liebert® TFX Power Distribution Unit
The Liebert TFX is a floor-mounted power distribution unit offering reliable single or two-stage power in small to mid-sized data centers, server rooms, network closets, and modular and containerized deployments. It is ideally suited for edge data centers and other remote facilities. The compact 36-inch-depth cabinet offers easy mobility. It fits through doors or in freight elevators, and can be installed next to walls or in corners or alcoves. The unit features an intelligent distribution power monitoring (DPM) system with a 9-inch color touchscreen display and an easy-to-program navigation menu to manage equipment loads. The power monitoring system integrates with your BMS to provide remote monitoring of critical power measurements and alarms. Isolated panelboards allow your engineers to safely perform onsite maintenance on low-voltage monitoring components without powering down the unit. The made-to-order PDU is customized according to your power needs, and shipped to you with panelboards and subfeeds configured to your specifications. The Liebert TFX accommodates both single and dual-stage distribution setups, and can be supplemented with Liebert® FLX expansion cabinets for additional power capacity.
  • Reliable uninterrupted power to your mission-critical IT infrastructure
  • Customized made-to-order unit with panelboards and subfeeds configured according to the needs of your facility
  • Easy mobility and installation in local or remote facilities
  • Space-saving, flexible design
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Modular unit design minimizes downtime to critical power path during maintenance
  • Accurate power monitoring with automatic safety alerts and emergency power-off

  • Customized unit includes up to 3x42P panelboards, or up to 12x250AF subfeeds
  • Available in 150 kVA, 200 kVA, 225 kVA, 250kVA and 300 kVA 
  • Single or dual stage distribution options
  • Compact transformer cabinet
  • Modular design features isolated panelboards for safe onsite maintenance of monitoring components while the unit is live
  • Intelligent power monitoring and system control
  • 9-inch color touchscreen with easy-to-program navigation menu
  • Power monitoring system integrates with your BMS for local or remote power management
  • Power usage metering accurate to 1%
  • Vertiv™ Liebert® FLX expansion cabinets available for additional power distribution

Best Suited For: Banking, Financial and Insurance | Construction and Engineering | Data Center/Colocation/Hosting | Government | Retail and Wholesale
Liebert ITA2 UPS for Critical Loads Under 10 kVA
The Liebert ITA2 UPS offers economical, efficient and reliable three-phase power for critical loads under 10kVA. Use in a rackmount or tower configuration. This intelligent UPS has scalable battery runtimes, output distribution options, a high power factor and an optional maintenance bypass cabinet. It is easy to install and operate.
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