If your PTA is planning on using your school's Title I Funds to pay for members to attend this year's New Mexico PTA Convention, you should be aware that district deadlines are fast approaching!

Take Action Now!
For example, Albuquerque Public Schools District requires that all check requests for all funds be entered into the system by April 22nd and Purchasing Cards by April 8th.  This means that you should speak with your school principal now to start the process of receiving approval, filling out the request form and submitting it.  The training you will receive at the New Mexico PTA Convention workshops is considered 'professional development' and qualifies for Title I funding.  With Spring Break coming up soon, you have no time to lose!
For those of you outside of APS who are planning on using your District's Title I funds to attend convention, you will want to check with your school principal  as soon as possible to determine deadlines for submitting for these funds.  If anyone requires an invoice from New Mexico PTA to submit with their paperwork please email the New Mexico PTA office with the school name, number of attendees, and number of days they will be attending.  An invoice will be emailed back to you.

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