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You Can't Always Get What You Want  - Mick Jagger 1968
By John Hotson
One of the simple pleasures of having some discretionary time over the last few weeks has been listening to the classic songs that came out of the 60s and 70s from my vinyl record collection.
The title and lyrics for the Rolling Stones' timeless anthem, You Can't Always Get What You Want, were rumoured, 52 years ago, to refer to the government at the time. But they could just as well apply to the unsettled world we find ourselves in today. Find out more

Special thanks to Carla Haddad, our researcher extraordinaire and social media guru, who has put together some interesting thoughts and perspectives on how business owners are going to have to adapt in order to get what they want. We hope you find the articles in this newsletter of interest.
How Your Business Can Transform in the Midst of Market Challenges 

Businesses all over the world have had to change their strategies to survive the turmoil COVID-19 has brought. Implementing flexible strategies ensures brands are able to persevere through transformation and is proven to be the most effective strategy toward meaningful change. This innovative and forward-thinking approach can lead to new levels of growth for your business to ultimately get what you need in the end. Read the full article  here.
Deals will Reshape Industries in the Time of COVID-19

Despite the shift to physical distancing and online meetings, M&A deals are still in the works, even though the typical rules have changed. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, there was a shift from a seller's market to a buyer's market. However, once a baseline for valuations have been established in the post-COVID-19 business world, deals will begin to form again. This article features eight points of consideration regarding how post-COVID-19 deals will affect corporate strategy and reputation. Find out what they are here.
To Solve Big Problems, Look For Small Wins

This article suggests that rather than making bold moves to reinvent a struggling business in this "new normal," leaders should be slowly embracing change in the form of "small wins." One small win may seem insignificant, but a chain of small wins is "tangible" and "noncontroversial." As well, when times become tough, small moves can turn to modest setbacks while big moves can turn to disastrous setbacks. Ultimately, there must be a balance between caring deeply and moving carelessly. Find out more about the power of small wins here.

Running your Business AND Implementing Change is Difficult 

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