Did your pup earn a new
title in 2018?

Tell Shirley and she'll make sure you're recognized with a Club Award*
Its as easy as 1-2-3

Send Shirley an email with these 3 things. Deadline: Jan 31
Dog’s registered name with all of his/her titles
Title(s) earned in 2018
Your name
Extra Bonus!
We really want to honor your accomplishment. Please send a pic of you with your pup and the title ribbon to Renee at reneerasinski@gmail.com so you can be included in our special Awards project.
* Club Awards are available to Full Members in good standing. AKC & LRC titles only. Ribbons will be awarded at our Annual Meeting in March. If you can't attend, Shirley will find you at various events throughout the year and hand deliver your ribbon(s). Additional ribbons are available for $7.