We hope your answer is NEVER.
A lifetime of reading begins with healthy vision.

From novels and magazines to recipes and prescription bottles, reading is important.

We can help to keep your eyes healthy enough to comfortably read as your vision changes throughout your lifetime.

Regardless of the stage you are in - an emergent reader, someone with 20/20 sight or someone with 'low vision' - there are interventions that can slow of stop the progression of visual changes that can complicate reading comfortably and efficiently.
Learn about healthy strategies and habits based on typical changes and demands for age group or that of those you love.
Give your infant the experiences necessary to lay the building blocks for growing into a lifelong reader.

Your child's visual skills are being fine tuned from 3-6 years of age. Vision tasks vary during this time from riding tricycles and playing sports to cutting and coloring.

Your child's eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play. Vision is complex and when some aspect is not working properly, it will impact your child's learning and performance. Read below to help your child reach full potential in life!

Many teens begin needing prescription eyewear for reading and other near tasks, as this is a prime time for developing nearsightedness. Help your teen develop healthy habits and to become their own healthcare advocate during this transition time into adulthood.

Young Adults
Visual demands can be great as you begin your career, whether it is in an office or factory setting. Read through the tips below to learn how to keep your eyes healthy through your later years.

This is the time in your life when your risk for developing a number of eye and vision problems increases. We can keep you comfortable and safe as you experience changes.

Continuing to read is possible, even if vision loss is occurring. Early detection and treatment of issues is important to best keep eyes healthy.

Readers Live Longer
A Yale study made an interesting finding: People who read books live longer! Sound exciting? We think so too! Learn more