We are still in awe of what happened at the
Christmas Blessing event.

The numbers are astounding!

Through your generosity, we gave 405 children of Christian HELP client families over 2,800 gifts!

These 220 families also received 13,000 lbs of groceries for their Christmas celebrations, including turkeys and hams!

We got so many Christmas gifts from our toy partners that we were able to bless an additional 400 children in the community with gifts distributed through our partners at local
faith-based agencies.

"May the corner of your world be bright and sunny always. Thank you so much for all you do. God bless you all." - Maurice

The bottom line is that you are fantastic!

Don't just take that from us. Take it from the families you blessed.
The work continues.

These families will have a blessed Christmas but will also need help in the coming months. These families need hope for their future. They need to be equipped for work.

Your continued support gets them access to Christian HELP's career coaching. It opens doors to the opportunity for them to have a better life.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to give these families a head start on a prosperous new year.

Partner with us in the Season of Giving.
Every dollar changes lives.