This Is A Joke, Right?!
You would forgive us for thinking this wasn't actually a real headline.

But alas, as we near two years without any transparency on costs on the Energy Master Plan, there are some who would like to neuter the person who is actually dedicated to standing up for those ratepayers.

The simple fact is an entity already exists to weigh consumer and environmental costs. That is the BPU who has existed for one-hundred years. The Ratepayers only job is to do what their name says, to advocate on behalf of the ratepayers and it should stay that way.
Senator Bob Smith Has Some Explaining To Do
These days, Senator Bob Smith is trying to convince his Legislative colleagues that the Energy Master Plan is achievable and they should pass legislation providing a blank check to pay for it even though we still don't know the costs.

But his colleagues and the public may be interested in what he was saying just a few months ago about how "there is no way we could meet the goals in that plan." You can hear the audio for yourself here and then ask Senator Smith to come clean about the Energy Master Plan.
Transparency Update: Over 685 Days Now
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