1st Quarter News

2021 Statistics

Men Housed - 262

Men employed - 295

Child Support Paid - $26,672.27

Taxes Paid - $258,933.02


Men Housed - 86

Men Employed - 67

Graduates for the Quarter - 26

Letter from the Director - Chris Somerville


"Safe Harbor of Bucksnort has continued its goal in helping those affected in our community. Recent outreach has shown a great need in surrounding areas and we are sending members of our team on a daily basis. These members of our staff are actively seeking those who desire help and are transporting them to receive the services they need.

News on campus is buzzing with our recent remodeling of the main building. The outside has been repainted and the interior rooms have been patched and painted. We thank God for this blessing and look forward to developing a nature walk behind our building where men will be able to walk among the trees to a scenic location and view the valley from above.

Safe Harbor of Bucksnort staff continue to strive for excellence as several have recently been promoted. Brian Russell, a Program Coordinator & Joseph Messer, Admissions Coordinator. Mr. Russell rarely sees a problem he can’t find a solution for. Our newly gained, vital position of Reliable Coordinator goes to Travis Cater whose keen eye for detail and heart for the men will surely lead to prosperity among our men and our partners. Last and certainly not least is Mike Maroney our Transportation Coordinator who keeps our clients on the move to and from work. I am grateful for all the hours of hard work these men do to help God's children.

God continues to bless us here in Bucksnort. We are thankful for all that we’ve been given and are excited for all that is planned for the future. Safe Harbor of Bucksnort is currently accepting new clients and welcomes anyone who desires help to reach out to us. Our new Admission’s Coordinator Joseph Messer can be reached at 865-410-6630 and our Director Chris Somerville 931-994-9586 and Regional Director Jonathan Newcomb can be reached at 949-510-8960. Thank you for all you do and your support. It affects more lives than any man can know.


On a personal note I am newly engaged to a remarkable woman. Her name is Anna Jones." - Director, Chris Somerville

A look around Bucksnort

Thursday mornings in Bucksnort = Authentic Manhood


Friday night = Movie night in Bucksnort

Image April 2_ 2022 9_40_09 PM.jpg

"When They Throw Stones"

John 8

Great Service Sunday morning


Great service Sunday morning!

Luke 10:41-42

41The Lord answered her, “Martha, my beloved Martha. Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these many distractions? 42Mary has discovered the one thing most important by choosing to sit at my feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her.”


Employment Skills with our Director


Great Service Sunday morning

8 Men Saved on the journey to new life !

Special thanks to our graduates Cedric Henderson & Brian Russell for their willingness & desire to serve our men this morning!


Sean Walden giving his testimony. We are proud of him!


Great Sunday morning service!


Great service Sunday morning at Compassion Waverly


Thankful for Sunday night's guest speakers from Hustle Recovery. What a powerful testimony!


Snow day in Bucksnort


Hello 2022!


Guest Speakers

Pizza Party

Communion Service

13 Salvations

We wouldn't of wanted to bring the New Year in any other way!

We would like to thank our guest speaker Bruce Hill!

We also would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Steele for the pizza party!


Celebration Sunday - March 2022

Congratulations to our graduates Cedric Williams, Travis Partin, Gedone Peterson, James Vandivort, & Dillon Denney.

grad march 4.jpg

Client of the Month is Larry Stewart. Congratulations


Client Volunteer of the Month is Michael Wright! Congrats


Staff of the Quarter - Brian Russell


We would like to congratulate Mr. Brian Russell as Staff of the Quarter. Brian is the newest Program Coordinator on the Safe Harbor team and has proved himself to be reliable, a dedicated team player. Mr. Russell takes on any new challenge with a YES! He is determined and God minded; reading his bible and keeping the word of God at the forefront of his mind. He is a proud father of two children and expresses that he loves giving back and helping with client's needs. We hope to see many more years with Brian as a Christian Soldier fighting on the front lines.

Celebration Sunday - February 2022

Congratulations to our graduates - Robin Spicer, Brian Russell, Cedric Henderson, Jonathon Norden, Bradley Brewer, & Josh Parish!

Image February 20_ 2022 7_54_26 PM _1_.jpg
Image February 20_ 2022 7_54_26 PM _2_.jpg
Image February 20_ 2022 7_54_26 PM _3_.jpg
Image February 20_ 2022 7_54_26 PM _4_.jpg
Image February 20_ 2022 7_54_26 PM _5_.jpg
Image February 20_ 2022 7_54_26 PM.jpg

Reliable of the Month is Donald Travis. Congrats!

Image February 20_ 2022 7_55_08 PM.jpg

Client of the Month is Dakota Jones. Congratulations!

Image February 20_ 2022 7_56_13 PM.jpg

Client Volunteer of the Month is Travis Hickam. Congrats!

Image February 20_ 2022 7_56_42 PM.jpg

Partner of the Quarter - Tennsco

Tennsco has employed 27 men this quarter and has given a 25 cent raise for all of our men in our program. Our clients are able to save thousands of dollars because of Tennsco's relationship with Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. Tennsco has proved they are about the business and the business is God business.

Safe Harbor of Bucksnort appreciates Tennsco and will continue to accomplish our mission which is to grow our community of men of God and to put a real man of God in every household across the middle Tennessee are through there partnership. 


Client of the Quarter - Anthony Saxton


"I'm not going to glorify my past experiences of the last 30. years of my life. I was addicted to opioids at the age of 13 to 27 then methamphetamine till I was 40 years old. I've done a lot of bad things as we all have during our addiction, broke my family's trust, stole from my family, hurt people that I love. I've never wanted to do rehab. I called it quitting and I wasn't a quitter. I had accepted that I was going to do drugs until it killed me. I racked up 13 felonies, 51 misdemeanors and cost my family thousands of dollar on bond and lawyers. That being said I was a rebel, a monster, until August 3, 2021 I was revoked to serve on my 4 year sentence and my lawyer told me I could go to rehab and not to prison.

Since I've been at Safe harbor I've found who I am, I've found Jesus Christ and I know Him as my lord and Savor. I have honestly took God, fell in love with this place as I am working the program, volunteering my time in the office to help reach out to people and help them. Safe harbor is a Godsend. Safe Harbor has brought me back in contact with my family and as I live this Sober life I have a relationship with my parents and my daughter.

I would like to thank my brothers in the program for their support Shane Greves, Dakota Jones, my new brother thru Christ. The staff Chris Somerville, Director, Joseph Messer Admission Coordinator and Travis Carter, Reliable Coordinator. Through the classes it has given me the knowledge and understanding on how to live a sober life. My parents & daughter for their support and understanding that I was sick with addiction and I am trying my hardest to live a better life." - Anthony Saxton

Client of the Quarter - Cody Campbell

Cody has been at Safe Harbor Bucksnort for 8 months he has become a lead at Tennsco he runs entire Steel Bay, the cranes, forklifts and unloads all the trucks. Cody has set the standard for Safe Harbor Bucksnort running a three man job by himself. Cody has been Sober from drugs for 9 months now and he has showcased what God can do when you find your beloved Identity within Christ.

Image April 4_ 2022 1_01_28 PM.jpg

Battle in the Saddle 2022

Battle in the Saddle 2022… what a weekend!

We want to thank every one of you who came out to support Safe Harbor & Battle in the Saddle. We had another amazing year, despite the weather not wanting to cooperate with us. With all of the support from our amazing sponsors and competitors we were able to raise $37,710.21!

New this year was two days of awesome pole bending competition. We were able to watch top notch competitors and their horses turn in blazing fast times. We had a total of 144 runs over the two days and paid out $7,104. Congratulations to our Average Winners; 1D – Josh Morton, 2D – Jaelyn Cooper, & 3D Amanda Ervin. We plan to have Pole Bending back for 2023 and have some really cool things in the works for next year as well!

Our Young Guns competition was nothing short of amazing. Seeing these kids giving it all they have is nothing less than impressive. Friday night Darcy Dement set the pace in the Young Guns class which rolled over into the Open. Her and her horse, Hel on Socks, ended up winning 2nd in the Open with a 14.825. Saturday and Sunday’s Young Guns winner, Kanely Cooper, followed in Darcy’s footsteps winning the Young Guns each day and then placing 2nd in the Open both days as well. It is safe to say that these kids are definitely “gunning” for the first when they enter into the arena.

Young Guns Average winners were 1D - Kanely Cooper, 2D – Madelyn Gregory, 3D – Sara Bryn Chambers.

Open Barrels had a total of 971 entries even with the not-so-great weather we were handed. Friday night’s win went to Darby Toole on Spit N Fire with a 14.758. Saturday’s round win went to the one and only, Billy Hatzman on Honor Bounds Ghost. Sunday Sierra Waldrep & Lordy Hez Dashin clinched the win being the last runner of the weekend. They ran a 14.443 to change things up for everyone. Goes to prove that it all comes down to that final horse.

Open Average winners were 1D – Kanely Cooper on Red Native Dunit, 2D – Denise Evans on Famous Rolling Stone, 3D – Peggy Pulley on Gunner and 4D – Tylee Tummins on Jessie.

Total Payout for BITS 2022 was $81,233.50 plus awards. Total Entries – 1,745 (Young Guns, Open, Sidepots, Poles)

We cannot thank our sponsors enough for all they do for Battle in the Saddle. Without them our shows would not continue to happen. If you have a chance to thank them, please do…

D&S Builders, Tennessee Tractor, LLC, IGA Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Tractor Supply, The Drag Queen Arena Drag – Randy Price, Jim & Sue Oaks, Paul Bailey, KT Produce, Netgain, Donald Roberts, Maxine & Bill Shirk, OakTenn, WASCO, Sun Electric, Barry & Maria Jenkins, David & Lynn Elkins, Kyle & Jamie Bennett, Benjamin & Jennifer Woodby, Linda & James Williams, Salon OC, Janice & Jerry Clark, Church Weber, Shawn Gallant, and the Mitchell Family.

To our ground crew who are some of the best in the business, THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping the ground safe and consistent all weekend. You all put so much care into making sure we have the best footing possible, and the times turned in prove that to be true. Travis Childress, John Osborne, Maddox Pinner, & Rodney Ervin thank you for the long hours this past weekend.

Thank you to Brent Puhl for the countless hours behind the camera and for having the webcast for everyone to watch. Please support our photographer and be sure to purchase your favorite pictures from this weekend!

To all of our vendors thank you for being with us. If you weren’t able to snag up some good deals this weekend, be sure to catch up with all of them on Facebook. There was something for everyone there and we hope to have all of you back next year!

Thank you to JHA Saddle & Tack for once again providing a 5 Star Pad for our raffle! Congrats to the winner as well.

To the Agricenter Showplace Staff we thank you for letting us use your facility once again. Thank you for all the help you provide to our show staff and competitors.

Tennessee Tractor where do we even begin! With the world we are living in currently finding tractors can be a challenge, but you all saved the day by having 3 John Deere’s there for our use. Just as the show couldn’t run without sponsors, it definitely couldn’t go on without tractors. If anyone is in the market for a new tractor be sure to give Tennessee Tractor in Somerville, TN a shot at helping you find what you are looking for.

Thank you Randy Price with Drag Queen Arena Drags for the use of your equipment. If you are in the market for a new arena drag visit to see which model would be best for you!

Thank you as well to Ralph Feathers for the use of your arena drags.

Thank you to all who donated a cake for the cake auction and to those who purchased one. Those were some delicious goodies to have to make things even sweeter at the barrel race.

To our show staff thank you, thank you for the long hours and the work before and after the show that no one else sees. It’s not an easy job but we are so thankful that you work so hard to make our show the best it can be.

2023 will be the 10-year Anniversary for Battle in the Saddle. We are already working on plans for next year and this will be a show you will not want to miss. Mark your calendars for March 17-19 , 2023.

Again, thank you for your continued support. The barrel racing community is amazing, and we are so thankful for each person that comes to our shows.


Celebration Sunday - January 2022

Congratulations to our graduates - Rashad Doss, Cody Jackson, Ryan Belasic, Justin Gateley, Merle Bailey, John Dodson, & James Smith!