According to the Texas School Survey, 22% of Coastal Bend students in grades 7 through 12 report that it is “Very Easy” to access alcohol and almost 17% report that it’s “Somewhat Easy”. Our CCP program partnered with Eddie Buhidar of Liquid Town on Alameda to hang tags on liquor bottles around the store to remind customers that you must be 21 years and up to purchase alcohol. The Liquid Town staff has always diligently checked ID's and we are thankful for their help in preventing underage drinking. With prom season in full swing, the probability of underage drinking and its potentially deadly consequences, are more likely.

Almost 50% of Coastal Bend students in grades 7 through 12 reported having used any alcohol. CCP has been busy talking with students and having them sign a "Prom Pledge" at West Oso HS, Robstown HS, and Ray HS. The pledge is a promise that students make to not drink any alcohol.

Thank you KRIS for your coverage of our prevention efforts. See the news clip HERE!