A Note from Scott and Marsha
November 14, 2019
We are a pretty eclectic group here and I say that not as if we are weird. We just have a lot of ideas and a lot of personalities. Sometimes this makes for fun days, and sometimes it doesn't go as planned. So when I say eclectic, you might have a headache and someone may pull out their peppermint oil and tell you take a couple big breaths of the bottle under your nose. Someone else may hand you lavender and tell you to rub it on your temples. Burn yourself? "Here, use some of my aloe" which is sitting on someone's desk. Maybe eclectic is the wrong word-- resourceful might be better.  

The other day, Amanda came down the stairs into my (Marsha's) office.  I slowly looked over my shoulder thinking to myself, "What did I do now?" She says with slight dramatics, "Do you have any Tums or Pepto Bismol?" I tell her that I don't, but if she has heartburn, she should eat a teaspoon of mustard. She looks at me like I've grown six heads and tells me I'm such a liar. But then I tell her that it seriously is an option, something we have on hand and it works. I convince her and she goes to the fridge. She finds an unexpired bottle of mustard (after checking the dates on all the other condiments in the fridge because that is what women do) and squirts herself a teaspoon.  

I let her take a big heaping teaspoon, swallowing and gagging the entire time. I wait about a minute and say, "Amanda, I was just kidding about that," and I wait for it. The scream.  "WWHHHHAAAATTTTTT? Are you serious right now?" I'm crying/laughing and then tell her, "No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It will work." She stomps back upstairs muttering how much she dislikes me and doesn't know whether to believe anything I say anymore. About 30 minutes later from the top of stairs, she softly speaks down to me, "Hey Marsha. My heartburn is gone." I chuckle and say, "You're welcome."  

Those grandmas and grandpas ... they really had it all figured out without big pharma. Mustard, vinegar, baking soda, salt, aloe, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and more. Sometimes the basics is all we need: plants, coffee, wine and chocolate.  

If you don't have an aloe plant, I know where you can find one along with a pretty little pot for him to sit in. You're welcome for this all natural healing, feel better post! Did I mention it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here? Yep. It's all happening!! With love.  
Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019
Join us for a winter fun-filled day. You will find fresh Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias, garlands, gifts and more for you to purchase at the Garden Center. Fun activities will be going on all day,starting at 11AM! Kids can ride the train to the North Pole , get their faces painted , and enjoy story time with Elsa and Olaf .  We’ll have food trucks , carolers and of course the bar will be open for some adult fun as well. You can shop in our Arts and Crafts Market from multiple vendors. We will end our event with a Christmas Tree lighting at 5:30PM. You don’t want to miss this event!  
We have many great savings going on in the Garden Center right now!
Also, we are offering FREE DELIVERY (within 10 miles) for Outdoor Pottery purchases over $100!
The Peace Lily is a practical and lovely addition to your home. Judy chose it this week for its air-purifying properties. This time of year, who wouldn't want cleaner air in their homes? The Peace Lily is so kind it tells you when it needs water by drooping its leaves (you don't have to let it get to that point though). They prefer medium light and moist soil.
The fragrant, hard-to-find, star of the show this week is Edgeworthia, aka 'Paperbush'. This part-shade loving shrub will lose its leaves in the fall, but then bloom amazingly gorgeous flowers in the winter that smell simply fabulous. We love this shrub for the unique feature it adds to your winter landscape, while displaying beautifully green leaves in the summer and fall.
The Dwarf Burford Holly is perfect for hedges. Its compact growth and prolific berries are part of what makes this shrub so popular. It can grow up to 6 feet, but you can easily keep it trimmed to a shorter height if you prefer. This bird-friendly shrub prefers full-sun or part shade locations. Trimmings from foliage are a perfect natural accent to your Christmas decor!
It's a Win-Win!!
Because we love our community and YOU, THIS SATURDAY (11/16) and NEXT SATURDAY (11/23), if you bring in 3 or more items for the FGS Food Drive, you will receive 20% OFF* ANY houseplant purchase!
*(We have NEVER discounted our houseplants that much--this is EPIC! :)

CORA is an organization that works tirelessly to feed those with food insecurity in Chatham County. They also provide a service called SNACK! that provides food for children in summer months who usually get free-reduced meals during the school year. You can help provide for these families in need by donating items to our Food Drive. Please donate items like canned fruits and vegetables, healthy pantry items, or paper products. Find a more detailed list of needs here. Bring your donations and we will match all of your donations and deliver the items on December 2. Please help us care for our community in this way!

Help us give back to the community by giving a gift to a child in need this holiday season. We are working with Chatham County's "Christmas Wishes" program in which they provide gifts to children in need. We will have a display in the Garden Center where you can select any number of "wishes" to grant. Please return the item/items unwrapped to FGS by Thursday, December 5th. All gifts will then be delivered to Chatham County DSS on Friday, December 6th where volunteers will wrap the gifts for foster families to pick up and put under their trees at home.
December 7, 2019
10AM – 11AM
Decorate a 20” Fraser Fir Wreath with natural and festive elements to make it your own and finish it off with a red velvet bow. Fee includes 18-20” wreath, natural and artificial decorations, design instructions and bow making instruction or a pre-made bow. Fee: $35   REGISTER NOW!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake
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