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Our Sisters, Servants, Soldiers Ministry Will Be Writing and Publishing the Next Bible Story Book for the Children of Haiti!

Ladies, thanks to your overwhelming response to our request for writers for children's Bible stories to be translated into Creole and French for the children of Haiti, our SSS Ministry will be writing and publishing the second book, Bible Stories for Children!

This will be a wonderful work for all of us to be a part of! We have enough stories written now for our Old Testament, Volume 1. We will need some funding for printing and postage and I will be happy to come and talk with your elders anytime to find support for this much-needed effort!

As a matter of fact, you sisters could go to your Elders or your Ladies' Bible Classes and help us secure the funds needed for this awesome opportunity to teach God's Word to the children of Haiti! ❤️

This would be a great time at the end of this year to donate to our work for His glory. Please be praying for all of our efforts to spread the Gospel and grow the Kingdom! 🙏

The Book will be 8 1/2 by 11 and each story will be accompanied by very professional appropriate artwork. Below are two excerpts from the story: The Ten Commandments. One is in English and one in French. We will also have a Creole translation.

The Ten Commandments
Part One
(Exodus 19, 20; Deuteronomy 5)
What happens when we don’t have rules? If we have no rules at home, we don’t learn good manners or how to treat each other or how to take care of ourselves. If there are no rules at school, you don’t have a safe place to learn. And just think what soccer and baseball (or any other sport) would be without rules!         
There were about two or three million Israelites traveling from one place to another in the wilderness, on their way to the Promised Land. That’s at least twice the number of people who live in Port-au-Prince! So many people traveling together and learning to live together needed rules to help them get along with each other. They also needed to know how to show God love and respect after living so long in Egypt – a land full of idols! . . .

Dis (10) Kòmandman Yo
(Egzòd chapit 19 ak 20 / Detewonòm chapit 5)

Kisa ki ka pase si pamgenyen regleman (lalwa)? Si yon kay pa gen prensip ak regleman, kay sa a pa p gen bon jan mannyè ak konnen kijan pou byen trete moun ak moun osnon byen viv yonn ak lòt epi konnen kòman pou swen tèt nou kòrektemn. Si nou nan yon lekòl ki pa gen regleman, nou pa nan yon bon plas nou pa p kapab aprann. Sèlman imajine nou kisa foutbtòl, bezbòl oubyen nenpòt ki lòt disiplin espòtif t ap ye san regleman! . . .

Here is a beautiful new video that children of any age will enjoy!
(We loved it, ourselves!)

The photography is amazing!

It is beautifully done and gives God all the credit for His wonderful creation!



Lord willing, I hope to see many of you at PTP in 2022!

DAUGHTERS OF THE KING Workshop July 18-21, 2022

Please be thinking of some spiritually minded young ladies who might benefit from this week of concentrated Bible study with a bit of fun and fellowship thrown in!
It is in Columbia, TN.

For more information email: sbutt@charter.net

A Great New

This Bible story book,
"Bible Stories Children Love to Hear" was written by our sisters in Christ in Madisonville, KY!

In November, I spoke at Madisonville, KY, and the ladies showed me this beautifully written and illustrated book to be used in our homes or in Bible classes. They also make wonderful gifts for children!

The authors of the book are pictured on the right below. They are Betty Brantley, Pam Griffith, Connie Moore and Megan Brantley (illustrator).

You may contact them for copies of the book at:

Connie Moore: 270-871-3940
or email:

(Pam Griffith)

We can support each other and our work in the Kingdom by using books and products developed by our sisters in Christ!
Need a Ladies' Day, Teen Girls' Day or Lectureship Speaker?

If you would like a sound Bible teacher and speaker for your ladies, please contact sbutt@charter.net. We have several sisters whom we can recommend heartily!

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