Join Us this Winter in Our Livestreamed Classes!
Starting Monday, Jan 10
So much better than video!

Our amazing teachers are highly skilled, attentive and caring.
They pay attention to your safety in poses.
Provide detailed instruction. Offer alternatives.
Focus yoga practices to support ALL of you -- mind, body & spirit.
Teach, not just guide. Answer your questions ... and so much more!

Please consider purchasing a Winter Pass to attend your preferred class(es),
or let us know that you will be attending a specific class.
Any classes without at least 5 committed students will be cancelled this Winter.

Got Troubles? If, for any reason, you cannot register for a class, come to class anyway using the Zoom class access Link you have for your current class (current students); or email ASAP before a class for the Zoom link.
We'll figure out registration afterwards!
To get the most benefits out of your practice, we highly recommend that you attend at least one regular weekly class. This gives you the best price per class, supports your commitment to get to class, and also helps your teacher(s) provide the best instruction for you and all.

It's EASY to register for a specific class in our new registration system! Just Purchase the Winter Semester Pass for your SPECIFIC class. You'll be automatically enrolled in each weekly class for which that class is offered.

Follow the steps below and you'll be all set!

Get Started
Go to “Class Schedule” on Dream Yoga’s website.
Scroll down the page (below the lady in Tree Pose) to the “Schedule.”

Click on the silhouette icon located at the top left of the toolbar on the Schedule.
Log Into
or Create an Account
In the pop up, select Need a new password (if you already had a Dream Yoga account).
Or select Create Account
(if you are a new student).
Then follow the prompts.
Explore the Drop-Down Menu
When you are logged in, the silhouette figure on the toolbar will become MENU. (Any time that you see the MENU, you are logged in.)
Change Your Password
To change your password,
if you need to, click on MENU to get the drop-down MENU.
Select MY PROFILE (the second option on the drop-down MENU).

Scroll down in this section
(MY PROFILE) to select the
"Change Password" button
and follow the prompts.
Purchase Your
'Class Pass'
To register for the Winter Session (or to purchase a Drop-In Class or any of our Class Flex Pass options)....
Click on MENU to
get the drop-down MENU.
    Click on BUY GROUP Pricing.
   There will be a list of options for Class Passes.
To register for a specific weekly class this Winter--at one easy swoop, click on "BUY NOW" for your specific class and follow the prompts. You will be automatically enrolled in that weekly class (in all 14 or 15 classes) at a prorated fee from the time you join. Or scroll down to purchase any of the other class passes.

Note: You can make up missed classes during the Winter Session in other classes as needed.
Reserve Your Classes
(When Using a 5-Class Pass or Other Option that is NOT the Prorated Weekly Class Pass)
If you are using a 5-Class, Unlimited or other special class pass, you can reserve your classes that you expect to attend. (This will help us
know which classes to keep or delete this Winter.)
To do this, return to the
drop-down MENU and select
Next screen: Use the arrow to select the one class you want.
Next screen, under “Recurring Options,” put in the date range you want to attend the class. Then click on “Make Recurring Reservation.”
One more step: SCROLL down to the bottom and (click on) CONFIRM the classes that you want to take.
OR... simply go to the class and date on our Class Schedule, and click on BOOK VIRTUAL.
Look for Confirmation
After Step 6, you should receive confirmation emails acknowledging your payment, as well as with the dates of your reserved classes and a Zoom Link(s).

Please make sure you have
Dream Yoga Studio, LLC and
in your email address book.

Need Help?
We will be glad to help.
Again... if you can't register in time before your class starts, use the old Zoom Class Access Link (from the last semesters) to come to class.
Or email us to get the Zoom link.
(Please leave adequate time before a class
for the the email exchange.)
We'll figure out later how to get you registered!
Best way to contact us:
THANK YOU for sharing the Dream!
Our Mission: Guided by the principles of yoga, we strive to create a true community that supports each other in our efforts to become more fully present, alive, balanced, peaceful, joyful and whole. We dream that our efforts will transform the way we experience our bodies and minds, each other, and the world.
Please support the Dream by registering for classes & sharing this email with others who will benefit from our classes. Encourage them to come to class with you!