Ideas to Impact: Elementary Visual Arts (EVA)  
"I love art because you can be as creative as you want. There are not important rules to follow. You can't do art wrong." - Ava, Park City 5th grader.

From refining critical thinking skills and improving academic success to providing a place for kids who learn differently to thrive,   art education delivers a variety of benefits to students.  

PCEF donors fund art lessons for approximately 1,500 Park City elementary students through the  Elementary Visual Arts (EVA) program.

"Not many people are aware that art lessons were removed from the elementary curriculum in the 1980s," noted Stephanie Kimche, Elementary Visual Arts teacher at McPolin Elementary School and a driving force behind the launch of the EVA program five years ago.

"Art is a class where everyone can be successful and feel good about their work. Many students who struggle with the traditional educational model can excel in their art lessons and gain confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment that they might be missing elsewhere," commented Stephanie. "Students learn to express themselves while gaining an appreciation for our culture."

"I wish art could be every day," says Lotte. "Even though I am not the best at it, It is fun to express myself and I love art!"

The Kimball Art Center provides the curriculum and supplies for EVA.
Watch this video about the impact of EVA. 
This article  in Edutopia explores leadership behaviors cultivated through art education. 
Thank you to Zions Bank for its support of EVA!
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, PCEF  was able to fund over $100,000 in Arts programs in the Park City School District for this year!

Did You See Our Donor Impact Report?

Last year, we celebrated 30 years of going beyond what public education provides, thanks to YOU, our donors and volunteers. 

Please take a few moments to look at the impact you made for every student and teacher in the district.

Thank you, for making it possible to fund nearly 100 programs from Preschool to post-high school!
Debbie Jensen

Beloved Special Education teacher Debbie Jensen passed away last month. A 22 year veteran of PCSD, Deb will be missed by her colleagues and students. Her family generously directed all donations made in her honor go to PCEF. 

PCEF will ensure those donations go toward programs supporting Special Education, and we thank her family for thinking of the students Debbie loved so much. 
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Donor Spotlight: Why We Give
Jade and David Walsh/The Free Lunch Foundation

Jade and David Walsh left Boston for the west 20 years ago. "David had been stationed in Twin Falls, ID when he was young, and fell in love with nearby Jackson Hole. Once we retired, we thought, why not move there?
"As our daughters married and had kids, they wanted to leave the city life of Boston. They both moved to Park City as it was close to us, but an easier town to have a young family and career. Our grandchildren went to McPolin"
Long before she had grandkids in school, though, Jade was passionate about public education.  She has a master's in education and taught in a Title 1 school in Boston. She was later elected to the school board. "It was one of the most rewarding and challenging times of my life.  People would show up in droves for a high school mascot decision, and then no one would participate in decisions on re-writing the curriculum!
"I helped start the education foundation in Framingham, and my daughters told me about PCEF here. When I heard there was no professionally taught elementary art program, it was an easy decision for David and me to support EVA. 
"Bottom line, public ed is THE cornerstone of a democracy. That is how the next generation gets to know itself, and learn about the richness of diversity in our society! PCEF supports so many diverse programs here, it makes our public schools even better."
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Teacher Spotlight: Stefani Kimche

  • Started volunteering with McPolin's Art Program 10 years ago 
  • Launched EVA pilot program at TSES. Taught for five years at TSES and has been teaching for three years at MPES
  • BA in American History, minor in Fine Arts and Archeology, Cornell University; JD, Pepperdine University
  • Husband (Scott) and three kids, Livia (senior), Eli (sophomore) and Ava (7th grade); three dogs too!
  • Owns a boutique real estate firm, cheerleader for all of her kids' sports activities, hiker, traveler and gallery stroller  
Stephanie learned that there wasn't a cohesive elementary school visual arts program when her daughter started at McPolin in 3rd grade. "Most public schools have a volunteer program and rely on their teachers to incorporate it into their lessons."

The EVA program provides, "an opportunity to be creative for creativity sake - not tied to any lesson planning or as an ancillary "project" for an academic lesson. It allows all children to be successful in an arena that is not judged or graded. It also opens their eyes to different mediums and ways to express themselves artistically."

"More importantly, art is the great equalizer. All of my students can repeat my mantra: there is no bad art," said Stefani.  

"I can't imagine our school district without PCEF.  It has been critical in supporting programs that have affected students across all demographics.  I am so grateful for its existence both as a parent of students in the district and as an employee."

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