May 25, 2017
2016 Michigan Home Heating Credit

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TrueNorth Community Services and Consumers Energy are encouraging eligible Michigan residents to file for the Michigan Home Heating Credit. The average Home Heating Credit that Consumers Energy customers received in 2016 was near $275. Dollars are available now that can make a difference to many households. 

Free help filing for the home heating credit may be available. Dial 2-1-1 or visit their website The Michigan Department of Treasury can also answer questions by calling 517-636-4486, or visit their  website . 

Don't wait until it's too late! Act now, get all the benefits available to you this summer and coast into fall. Deadline to file is September 30, 2017!

More Information
Additional facts about the Home Heating Credit:
  • It can be used for all types of primary heating fuels, including natural gas, propane, oil and purchased firewood.
  • Renters who pay their own heating bills may also qualify.
  • Credit amounts are based on household income and size.

Households that don't earn enough money to file taxes may still be eligible to receive the Home Heating Credit, yet a significant share of Home Heating Credit funds go unclaimed each year. You can find your total heat cost on your providers billing statements, or you can contact your provider to get this information. 


Home Heating Credit Information
Y ou should complete the Home Heating Credit Claim ( MI-1040CR-7) to see if you qualify for the credit. The credit, for most people, is based on a comparison between either your standard credit allowance or your actual heating costs and total household resources.

Who may file a Home Heating Credit Claim?
You may claim a home heating credit if all of the following apply:
  • You occupy a Michigan homestead;
  • You own your home or are contracted to pay rent;
  • You were NOT a full time student who was claimed as a dependent on another person's return;
  • You did NOT live in a college or university operated housing for the entire year;
  • You did NOT live in a licensed care facility for the entire year;
  • Your income is within the incomelimits.

Deadline for submitting is September 30, 2017

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