Greetings from sunny South Carolina! I still can't believe I get to say that. I'm slowly acclimating to Southern Living - mainly the water. In the air. I'm also still enjoying my furry friends, even though these little rascals keep emptying my bird feeders. Hmph. I also have a bald eagle, and a bunch of adorable blue-tailed skinks! Had to look those teeny guys up. Their tails are amazing!
I'm finally getting used to visitors popping by, usually before I've had a chance to clean! 😂 But oh happy day - look what was left on my front porch! I know what you're thinking - tomatoes, big deal. Well, I've never tasted tomatoes like these - apparently SC grows them especially well, and these are from a local farm. My mouth is watering right now, and I'll be enjoying a BLT as soon as I finish writing to you. Did you guys know there is such a thing as Tomato Pie?! I just learned that this morning. I'm making one ASAP - I must try it!
Another exciting package arrived on my doorstep this week, too! Three new hoops for my Babylock! I think my Dad is as excited about my new machine as I am, as they were a gift. I feel super spoiled, but that didn't stop me from pulling out the new 8" x 8" hoop and making a design to test it out! They arrived at the perfect time, as I was playing around with my (soon to come) Playful Threads set, and this is what I came up with.
It looks like a pillow (and of course it can be used as one), but it's really a sneaky pajama bag that will look like a pillow when it's stuffed full of PJ's each morning. My main man likes it - do you think he's dreaming of sitting under a flowering tree while a friendly bird trails some yarn for him? I like to think so! By the way, I've included a pajama bag with a puppy for all the canine lovers, too!
The back of the pajama (or pyjama) bag is completed in the hoop - zipper and all! However you like to spell it, the Sweet Dreams Pajama Bag is on sale this week.
The pale pink fleece pants (which would be perfect PJ bottoms in Idaho but are right out in SC) go with this sweet little dress that I made a billion years ago. I used a few designs from my Wedding Hearts set to decorate it, and one of the little designs on the bottom of the dress is a freebie. You can find it here, and after you download it, add this set to your cart, cause it's only $5 this week.
I'm off to make a mouth-watering BLT with these delicious (ginormous) tomatoes. Before you go, here's a behind the scenes look at The Spooks trying to snag that new pajama bag! He particularly likes this new set, as it features Himself. Have a great week, and thanks for reading!