In this Issue:
  • You Shaped the Agenda!
  • 2020 Preview: Keynote by Barbara Wixom
  • Recommend a Speaker
  • Partner Announcement: Connected Things 2020
  • Update: Change to the 2020 Cancellation Policy
You Shaped the Agenda!
Thanks to all the people who helped shape the agenda! We sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to review the proposed panels for this year and voted for their favorites. Here is overview of the 2020 session topics:
  1. Creating a Culture of Innovation
  2. From Vision to Execution: A Conversation about Digital Transformation
  3. Transitioning Your IT Organization from Projects to Products
  4. Creating the AI Powered Enterprise
  5. Reimagining Leadership in the Digital Age… Are CIOs prepared?
  6. Building the Next-Generation Enterprise
  7. Decision Making at the Speed of Digital
  8. Driving Customer Experience Strategies Through Technology
  9. Accelerate Your Platform Focused Digital Transformation
  10. Every Company Needs a Data Monetization Strategy: How to Pick the Right One
  11. Building Digital-Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations
  12. The Impact of AI/ML/DL on Your Workforce
Be sure to sign up early as some sessions have limited seating. Visit our  Agenda page  for details.
2020 Preview: Keynote by Barbara Wixom
Don’t leave data monetization to chance! There are 4 basic strategies that organizations can choose to make money from data. Each has distinct requirements and payoffs. The key is to choose the strategy that best suits your organization’s needs and nurture it accordingly.
Recommend a Speaker
With all these exciting topics, we now need to add to our panels. We are always interested in strong speakers who bring deep insights and expertise to our theme and panel topics. If you or an associate would be a fit for one of our panel discussions, please click the button below. The Symposium is made possible with the support of our sponsors. If your suggested speaker works for a technology related vendor/service organization, we may request that this company sponsor the symposium to support their employee’s participation as a speaker. Please submit your recommendation ASAP.
Partner Announcement: Connected Things 2020 Conference
The  Connected Things 2020 conference will gather together corporate and startup leaders to uncover the opportunities and challenges at the intersection of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning). March 23 at the MIT Media Lab.
Cancellation Policy Updated due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is actively monitoring the growing concerns regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential effect on travel and event planning worldwide. To provide comfort and flexibility to our event attendees, we have changed our cancellation policy for 2020, allowing you to cancel anytime before May 15 without penalty.
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