A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 9, 2019
Well, the votes are in, IDs were provided and the precincts have reported from the masses all over the RTP area. You guys are ruthless savages. SAVAGES.  

I kid, I kid! You were great. Encouraging, kind, gracious and generous. And even a few honest people out there confirmed that I do ramble, even though I know I don't! LOL! Most everyone likes the paragraph format and even journalists responded. I have to say ... I'm sweating right now as I am typing because I just assume only my family reads these stories. And they only read them to humor me. Thanks to everyone for participating. FGS customers are the best.  

So this guy ( pictured with lovely wife Allison) celebrated four years with us recently. Seriously. He has put up with us FOUR years. I have to give it to Nate, our Lawn Maintenance Manager. He is my other steady. He doesn't get rattled by much. He is patient, but let's face it. We all have our moments, am I right? While I have the privilege of working in landscape division and taking care of a drab space ONE AT A TIME, Nate has the most tedious job EVER! He is managing crews and properties from commercial to residential, easy-going clients to meticulous clients (I am kind of one of them) and all the in-between!! Sometimes things in between are lost in translation from the office to the sites! But Nate ... he just rolls with it and is always trying his best, smiling as he goes with his happy-go-lucky Vermont personality, which we love. I don't envy his role at FGS. In fact, I admire him for what he does.  

What might a day look like in the life of Nate? Days planned and scheduled. Check. Driver or employee calls in. Re-arrange. Check. Mower breaks down. Re-arrange. Check. Clients call with emails and questions. Estimates come in. Crew calls with stolen hand-held equipment right out of the trailer. A snake runs him out of the maintenance shed (he HATES SNAKES!)  A tire blows. An irrigation head breaks and needs repair. Shrubs grow quicker than they can be trimmed. A client shows up in the office unhappy. A client shows up happy.  A client has a snake on their birdhouse outside their window and they need Nate to get it for them (true story)! I could seriously go on and on!! Some days, all we can do at laugh. If we don't laugh, we might cry.  

Why do I write this? We all need some love! So I'm spreading the love this week and to my caring, kind-hearted, patient and hard-working friend and the man that somehow manages saves the day on a regular basis. Nate, you are appreciated!  And his amazing, sweet side-kick, Hannah? Another one to put in your pocket and carry around. To our clients we service? We are an imperfect bunch, but we sure do appreciate you and try really hard!! We don't always get it right and we might even miss something important but it's never intentional! Your patience with us is always appreciated and we love working with you and together, let's bring green home!! And if you can't support that, well, we probably can't be friends!!! Baaaaahahahhahahahahahaa!
Literally. Redbud trees have beautiful heart-shaped foliage that will show mom your love in leaf. Many, many leaves. We have varieties that have green foliage and some that have a greenish-purple foliage. Whether you like a White Water Weeping or a Kay's Early Hope variety, Redbud trees do great in our area. Encourage mom to plant her tree where it will get plenty of light and she will love it and you more than she already does! ;)
Jasmine is such a popular fragrant vine, and Confederate Jasmine's petite white flowers are blooming now! Even when the blooms are finished, the dark green shiny leaves will be the perfect accent in your garden. You can plant Confederate Jasmine in sun or shade, but she will produce more flowers in the sun. If she grows more than you would like, simply prune back to the shape you prefer.
Drift roses are an excellent choice in the rose family. The blooms are gorgeous and have a delicate fragrance. Drift roses grow to be 2-3 feet tall, so they are a great choice for a small space in your garden or landscape. They come in many different colors, so you are sure to find a color that will accent your garden plants perfectly. Plant in full sun and you will enjoy blooms all summer long!
THIS Saturday, May 11, 2019 
Let us show you how to bring the beauty of your spring landscape indoors!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake

Saturday, May 18, 2019 
This program will focus on conditions required to successfully grow herbs, and will include some veggies and flowers to tuck in for combination plantings. We will look at year round options and try to adapt our suggestions to your specific situation.
Presenters: Lynne Nelson and Faye McNaul, Durham County Extension Master Gardeners
Registration deadline: May 15

Email  julia@fgsdurham.com  or call Julia at 919-484-9759, ext. 101.
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