One Special Summer Season
As the city enters Phase 3 of the province's Framework for Reopening, we look back in awe at everything we have accomplished online these past few months. It has been a challenge to limit our activities to a screen, but our team continues to prove that change can be a good thing, it helps us learn and grow.
The 'New Normal' for us means we carefully open the doors again. There are less chairs in the reception area, less staff in the office and less walk-in clients to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. But our commitment remains the same. We at CultureLink are eager to serve by phone, email or video call and are making arrangements for those who can't be helped remotely. We have missed each other and are happy to slowly return to our second home. We hope we can be all together soon. Welcome back.
Home Office

They used to go to the Library everyday and clients would walk in for settlement services and workshops. That's all coming back some day, but for now their work day begins when they turn on their phones and laptops. And there they are, dozens of clients connected virtually with our Library Settlement Program Workers.
The Mask Challenge

Our team's innate ability to see a problem and provide a solution has been the root of so many wonderful programs and projects at CultureLink. In times of COVID, access to protective equipment has been limited, affecting some residents and the organizations that serve them. We couldn't help but take action.
A Little Help Can Go a Long Way

Every once in a while, we all need to hold on to someone else for support, or to get back on our feet. We need someone to tell us that things will get better, to point us in the right direction and maybe introduce us to other people that can make a positive impact in our life. Every once in a while, a Settlement Worker can make a difference.
Children are the Future

"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow" (N.Mandela). Whether it is in the arts, land conservation or academics, the next generation is ready to make a difference and take over the future. Our contribution is giving them the space and the tools to develop the skills they need to rule the world.
The Power of Technology

What's a new mom to do with her own personal and professional ambitions, with a baby at home that depends only on her? There's a Whatsapp group for that. Its main purpose is help with English, but support that it offers goes beyond language skills.
Start from the Very Beginning

You look at your life, there's work, family and friends. But you think of your future and decide you want more, different, better. You move to a new country. You start over. Now that's hard enough as it is, and more so with a virus that threatens the life of people worldwide. But don't loose hope, never loose hope.