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You Made it a Success! Gala Update
The Frase and Childers' Families, Guests of Honor at the Gala
You Made it Happen! Annual Speak Up for Research Gala

We collectively sighed and dried our eyes after watching a short film, " Love Letter Series| Brick in the Wall," created to honor lab animal heroes and Joshua Frase who passed away in 2010 from myotubular myopathy (MTM).  Dr. Casey Childers accepted the Alvin J. Thompson Award in recognition of the work he led to investigate gene therapy for MTM.  His friendship with the Frase Family was evident as he spoke of their courage and persistence to help Joshua, other children with MTM and all of the other people who struggle with rare disease.  

Honorees Paul Frase and Alison Rockett-Frase accepted the Buster and Nancy D. Alvord Award on behalf of Joshua and other children like him, and in recognition of their family's efforts to expedite a cure for MTM.  In receiving the Award Paul and Alison spoke about the need to ramp up research to deal with the estimated 7,000+ rare genetic diseases that impact children around the world.
Isabella Frase, best little sister a brother could have, celebrates her Sweet 16 at the Gala
The NWABR Gala was a tremendous success with close to $40,000 raised to help inspire the next generation of biomedical researchers, advocates and supporters.  
Your support for NWABR's educational programs  helps to connect the dots between ethically conducted biomedical research and advances in animal and human medicine. 

You support NWABR through your time, your talent and your treasure.  You volunteer as mentors, judges and teachers for students.  You give your hard earned money to fund scholarships and tuition.   You baked and bought fancy desserts to multiply the giving of other donors.   You give so the gifts of others will be matched.  You give and continue to give. Thank you. Thank you from NWABR and thank you for being part of the NWABR community.

StudentStudent BioExpo and Middle School Contests Inspire Young Minds

Your support of young people through the 18th Annual BioExpo and the Middle School Contest is remarkable. Because of your support as mentors, judges and financial sponsors, students in grades 6-12 experienced biomedical research in new ways. 

BioExpo took place Friday May 18 at Shoreline Community College (Thank You for your Sponsorship!). The Middle School Contest culminates today, June 5th, with the Awards Day at Infectious Disease Research Institute (Thank You for your Sponsorship!) and is sponsored by David & Linda Wilson at the Knossos Foundation. 

These student competitions often become foundational for the young people who participate.  Both Expo and the MS Contest shape student career interests and equip them with the desire and passion for biomedical research.  

Original artwork illustrating Deep Brain Stimulation, Ethan Matsubayashi, The Evergreen School
" This project has helped me find a new passion for animal sciences, and has helped me understand the importance of animal research. Originally, I was against animal research. I thought it was cruel and unfair because the animals could not give consent. However, now I understand that animal research is necessary to develop the drugs that will save more animals in the long term..."~Aleyna Convery, Contest 1st Place Winner

Look for a feature newsletter this summer illustrating these programs in depth!

Conferences and Member News

NPRCNational Primate Research Center launches Education Resources at NPRC.org and @nprcnews
Two of the seven National Primate Research Centers are located in the Northwest--one in Seattle and one in Portland.  The NPRC's are proud to launch new communication and education resources for the public!  From their press release, "'The National Primate Research Centers want people across generations and around the world to live longer, healthier lives,' adds Nancy Haigwood, PhD, director of the Oregon National Primate Research Center and an HIV/AIDS researcher who focuses on halting mother to child transmission and on vaccines for children and adults. 'We are thrilled to launch NPRC.org and @nprcnews, which provide individuals with quick access to information about the NPRCs and the exciting work of our researchers who are dedicated to fighting disease and improving human and animal health by making breakthrough discoveries possible.'" 
Education and Outreach
Camp BIOmed Registration Closes June 15th! Don't miss out.

Camp BIOmed, NWABR's science summer camp for high school students, will run from July 9 to August 17 2018. NWABR offers four exciting tracks: Cancer Laboratory and basics of biology - the Molecular Biology of Cancer, Next Gen Science - Origami of Life & Bioinformatics, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) - Solve a murder mystery, and Genetic Engineering: Recombinant DNA Technology. 

Jennifer Wroblewski | NWABR | (206) 957-3337 | engagement @nwabr.org | nwabr.org