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We at LPS hope this email finds you well. It is Tour player and sponsor Jeremy Choi here. 

Please find below some common excuses we have heard over the years.

"I'm too old, I can't move like I used to."

57 year old Jim Wyatt (C-Flight) will tell you otherwise. Jim came in stiff as a frozen tree branch, and in ONLY 6 weeks time, he is much closer to being a fresh elastic band.  He walks with more confidence, swings the club better, and hits it longer.

"I don't hit it as far as I used to, I'm getting older."

63 year old Claude will tell you otherwise. After training for 2 years, he has hit the ball further than he did when he was 30.  Driving average distance is 250 yards in carry combined with 110 mph club head speed.

"It's too late for me, I have pain everywhere."

Gord (A Flight) told me he had pain walking up and down stairs... not anymore.

Andrew (A Flight) told me he had been living with chronic shoulder pain... not anymore.

I could go on.

The point we are making is that, while you may think aging and decaying are the same thing, there is a huge difference.

Everyone ages, and as you get older, things don't always work the same, and that's OK. You can't control this.

Decaying is much more dangerous. It's aging multiplied by bad decisions and exacerbated by doing nothing about it.

You get to choose what food goes into your body, when you check your smartphone, how many times you go to the gym, and how you want to show up with your spouse and family.

These are the choices you get to make.

If you want to fight decay in your bones, you must apply the correct "stressors."  

As we age, we lose key fibers like fast-twitch fibers which are crucial for strength, power, reactive ability and quickness. Unfortunately, these fibers are ONLY activated and live if you use them.  The only way you can use them is with loads at above 80% of your maximum, or being explosive by jumping up/over apparatuses.  

In essence, if you do not use these fibers, your body tells itself that it has no use for them thus gets rid of them as you age.

One good example would be people accidentally fall or slip on ice and break a hip/arms. This is usually because they do not possess the ability and strength to handle the impact & reactive forces.  And this can be mostly avoided through proper weight training.

It should go without saying that there is a proper progression plan towards training heavy, and it's not to imply you should start lifting the heaviest you can right away.

Let me be really clear: Running on a treadmill or lifting light weights in the gym is not fighting decay.  You must apply the right kind of stress at the right moments.

Aging is predictable, decay is optional. The choice is yours.

Say no to decaying , and play better golf -- I'm inviting you to be a part of a community of like minded individuals who will never give up on you.

Whether you want to train in person, guided by our certified coaches, or do our online program, or even join our strength camp classes -- we'll get you to your goals.

Excited to be part of your transformation journey.

Jeremy Choi
CEO & Coach
416 720 7677

LPS Athletic Centre
125 Martin Ross Avenue, Unit 12, North York, ON
(Major Intersection: Dufferin and Finch Ave)

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