February 2021
Jack and Jill is an African American community organization of mothers with children ages 2 – 19 that is dedicated to nurturing future African-American leaders leadership development, volunteer services and civic duty. The Phoenix chapter works to give their members and youth the power to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of children across the country.
“Thank you for sending me to therapeutic horseback riding lessons. I was recently hit by a car and the lessons have really helped me overcome my fears.” – Audrie

Audrie was hit by a car in May which left her with a lot of fear and little self-confidence. She was afraid to go on walks, be near a road and even ride in a car that she felt was going too fast. Her foster mom enrolled her in therapeutic horse-riding lessons as soon as she was physically and mentally able to go. Little by little, Audrie’s fears became less and less. Now she is confident enough in herself to balance on her horse with no hands!

Donating to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is a WIN-WIN! Children like Audrie WIN by participating in activities that build their self-confidence. You WIN by receiving a credit on your Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples!
Jessica is one of 159 youth actively participating in AFFCF’s Keys to Success program, which empowers youth to make informed decisions about their future and builds skills that will help them win in both career and life achievement.

When Jessica joined Keys to Success last August, she was attending a credit recovery program. This bubbly, energetic young woman was very behind in school credits and still struggling to make them up on her own through an online program. Her career development specialist (CDS) shared her educational options and met with her team to determine that a GED program would be a better fit for Jessica. Read more...
Helping young men and women like Jessica win in their education and career goals is the heart of the Keys to Success program. When you donate to Arizona Friends of Foster Children, you win with a credit on your Arizona state taxes. Please help us sustain our life-changing work by donating today.
Mia is a freshman a GCU and is one of 69 students in the AFFCF scholarship program this semester. She shares her journey in getting to college and what she hopes to accomplish with a post-secondary education:

Since I was young, I’ve dreamed of the day I’d get to go off to college and decide which path I want to take in life. I worked very hard in high school to earn the scholarships I knew I would need to make college a reality.

High school was a very difficult time for me personally; I struggled a lot with my home life. I always strived to keep it out of my school work so that I was always able to do my best. Read more...
When you make a foster care tax credit donation to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, you are telling young adults like Mia that they can overcome a difficult beginning to accomplish great things. Your donation is also eligible for a dollar-for-dollar credit on your 2020 Arizona state taxes if you donate by April 15, 2020.
AFFCF is pleased to welcome five new businesses to our growing preferred partners list:
Our preferred partners provide a discount on their services/activities for children in foster care here in Arizona. See our complete list of preferred partners at affcf.org/partners.

If you own a business that provides activities for children, we’d love to have you join our list of preferred partners. Apply at affcf.org/beapartner.