Since the launch of Bordeaux Luxury Homes a few weeks ago, our loyal clients and friends have been asking "how's it going" and what's "the latest."

The response has been phenomenal!!! I don't know any other way to put it.

So here is "the latest." First of all our new presence in San Antonio has been felt far and wide. We've launched an aggressive branding and marketing campaign using a combination of radio, targeted mailing, social media, and advertising. 

And it's working!!! The jobs are coming in. We are so happy!

I'd like to engage you in assisting us grow our new business. Would you be so kind as to take a couple of small actions? First "like" our  Facebook Page. While you are there if you would write a 5 star review. That goes a long way.

Then, if you would go to our  Houzz profile and give us a GREAT review. has come to love us for our great work and community participation. 

Now here is the big one. Our business has always been built on great referrals from happy clients. If you will refer us to a friend, family, golf buddy, church member, etc., we will reward you with either a $1,000.00 cash gift or two free airfare tickets to CANCUN. Yes, I said CANCUN! Viva Mexico! Of course we actually have to sell the job and it needs to be substantial enough. Make sense?

I'll get back to you soon with more updates. If you ever need anything feel free to let me know.

Thank You


Rick Montelongo
Personal: 210-275-4798