Serving our Global Community
Dear Greetings!

Twelve years ago, in the offices of Sabeel in East Jerusalem, my life changed. I met Nora Carmi, a Palestinian Christian who has devoted her life to the liberation of Palestine. “How do you persist?” I asked Nora. “How do you go on in the face of the ongoing oppression of your people and the taking of your land?” Her answer was overpowering in its simplicity: “We follow Jesus.” As a Palestinian who lived under Roman occupation, Jesus is our guide for how to resist tyranny: Hold on to your faith, strengthen your community, care for the most vulnerable.

Empires come and empires go, Nora said. We follow Jesus. We are here.

Kairos USA was founded on the power of this vision. I am writing to ask for your support of Kairos USA's work for justice and equality for Palestinians. Thanks to your support over the years, Kairos USA has achieved so much:

  • Played a key role in drafting the historic resolution on Palestine adopted by the World Communion of Reformed Churches in 2017. Acknowledging “that the Christian faith has been used to justify the injustice against the Palestinian people,”the resolutions states that “the integrity of Christian faith and praxis is at stake,” calling on its over 300 member churches around the world to engage in education, pilgrimage, and prophetic action.

  • 2016: Launched, an online gateway to the materials and activities of organizations in the U.S. and across the world, and a powerful networking tool for our growing movement.

In 2019, we will focus on providing education and advocacy resources to denominational, regional and local organizations in the U.S., and on connecting them to the growing global Kairos network. Our plans include hiring additional staff and pursuing strategic alliances with sister organizations to do the following:

  • Reach out to local and congregrationally-based committees and organizations. The goal is to connect them with one another and to emphasize sharing of resources for education and advocacy.

  • Continue to develop the capabilities of Palestine Portal as a resourcing and networking platform for the network of global Kairos organizations.

We count on your support to do this work. Join our community of supporters by helping us reach our goal of $75,000.
A global movement
This month in Bethlehem, Palestinians and internationals gathered on the 9th Anniversary of The Kairos Palestine document. "We welcome the growing awakening in the global Christian community," reads the conference statement. "We take heart from the prophetic support for our cause and for standing in solidarity with all Palestinians here and in the diaspora."

Since 2011, Kairos USA has been an essential member this global community of solidarity. Please give generously so that we can continue our work.
For Peace with Justice,

Mark Braverman
Executive Director, Kairos USA
P.S. In 1982 the World Alliance of Reformed Churches declared South African Apartheid a heresy and suspended the churches that were complicit with the racist regime.  It was a theological and political earthquake.    

Today, the church has been called once again—this time for justice in Palestine.  Your gift  enables us to fulfill the mission of Kairos: in the words of Kairos Palestine, “to speak the Word of God courageously, honestly and lovingly.”  Please donate today,  so we can continue our work for a world where all people live in dignity, equality and freedom.