February 2019
When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of red roses, candy in heart-shaped boxes and cherubs flying about shooting starry-eyed lovers with arrows. But did you know that the origin of Valentine’s Day actually comes from the life and death of a man who died rather than giving up his faith?

Legend has it that Valentine was a Roman Christian who was martyred during the persecution of Christians in the third century by Emperor Claudius II. According to Claudius II, Christians were guilty of treason by refusing to worship the Emperor by declaring publicly, “Caesar is Lord!”

Rather that obeying Claudius II's decree, Valentine continued to minister in prison by witnessing to his prison guards, and when Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that Valentine be put to death. As the legend is told, while in jail awaiting his sentence, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter who had become his friend, signing it, “From Your Valentine.”

While Valentine's life was a true testament of faith and love for God, no greater love has been shown throughout history than the love that God has shown for His children. He sent us His only Son, Jesus Christ, to earth, as a man, to die for us. God’s love for us was so powerful that He was willing to sacrifice His one and only Son in order for us to, once again, be able to walk side by side with Him. 

Our very salvation came through love. His delight in and love for you is boundless and beyond measure. Our prayer is that you know and experience His great love for you. Happy Valentine's Day!
Patient Feature: Evelyn Keating
This month, The Smith Clinic has the privilege of featuring our precious patient and friend, Evelyn Keating. A patient for a number of years, Evelyn originally came to The Smith Clinic due to foot and back issues, followed by knee replacement surgery.

In her free time, Evelyn enjoys fishing, sewing, quilting, and, most especially, keeping her family on track! All of her family lives in the Memphis area, allowing her to spend ample time together, particularly her grandson, whom she keeps on a daily basis. When Evelyn isn't spending time with her family or enjoying one of her hobbies, she likes to volunteer at a local elementary school, as well as with the Arise 2 Read program.

When asked about her experience at The Smith Cliic, Evelyn stated she really likes the people, expounding on that by saying, "They are professional but personable. They work together as a team." While doing the home exercises assigned to her has been the most difficult part of her PT journey, Evelyn also says that it has taught her a lot about herself and how to do the things that make her body better.

Evelyn is a complete joy to be around. We are so thankful to be able to come along side her in her journey to health and, most especially, that we have gained her as a friend!
Have you seen The Smith Clinic's latest addition?! Our new "library" functions under the “take a book, leave a book” method, where patients and friends may pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. It is our hope that this brings enjoyment to all of our
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