This summer, the RO Student Ministry has an exciting schedule arranged for our students. We are serving children from the ages of five to eighteen. The various camps, we are attending have been designed to promote a healthy alternatives to a summer in the inner city community. We have partnered with Sky Ranch, Highland Park Presbyterian Vacation Bible School, Camp Bravo, Kids University Rainbow Days, Overnight Camp at Sky Ranch and much more to provide an experience that is fun as well as Christ-centered.

We have spots available for you as a joyful volunteer to be apart of transforming generations. Please contact Michelle Burt ( ) for the children's camps and Reco Burt ( ) for our youth activities.

Please continue to pray and have a wonderful summer.

Party in the Park was a Huge Success! A Special thanks to Christine Fraser, Pilar Henry, Suanne Baird, Kathy Crow, Rache Dedman, Christine Drossos, Ashley Ferguson, Beth Haga, Margaret Hancock, Melissa Lamb, Katie Reynolds, Lisa Rocchio, Kit Sawers, Shanon Schwimmer, DeeDee Selner, Abigail Sinwell, Elizabeth Taylor, Amy Ware, Michelle Wood and
the Entire Junior Board!
We are so grateful for the many benefits "Party In The Park" is providing our children. With your support this year we were able to raise over $68,000.00. Your support will help the continue to go to summer camps and get the best mentorships possible including Tutoring, Music, Arts, Crafts Classes and expanded our Bible Story Telling Time each week and offer healthy snacks each day.

Thank You Transform Dallas
We at Reconciliation Outreach want to thank the many volunteers that came out to paint our children's library. By serving together, we'll make a difference in the lives of the inner-city children. Thank you for transforming our library and supporting the Reconciliation Outreach family. 
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