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Summer Art Roses Party
Saturday August 26, 2-5pm @ Pfizer building
Art talk + Reception 
[Wine & refreshments will be served ]
Art historian: Shupei Lee (李書豆)from Tainan, Taiwan
Curator: Luchia Meihua Lee, executive director TAAC, 
NY artists: Steven Balogh, Mingjer Kuo, Lulu Meng, Yutien Chang
 Fully Loaded: curator: Yuan-Da Hsu; Artists from Tainan:  Wan-Ting Wang, Jam Wu, Wei-Wen Fang, Huang-Ti Lin, Kuo-Chun Chiu, Yi-Min Huang
Pfizer Building, 630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11026
[1st floor, by door on Flushing Ave nearest Marcy]
Loaded Roses 
@Fully Loaded   Tainan-New York
大船入港 2017 臺南 - 紐約
A new 18 foot painting of roses has just joined the Fully Loaded exhibition at Pfizer.
Steven Balogh, Loaded Roses, 2018. acrylic on canvas, 5'4" X 18 ' 
Loaded Roses.  Loaded with dreams, love, fragrance, hopes, expectations, a broken beauty, and even death.
detail of Loaded Roses, 2018. a crylic on canvas, 5'4"  x 18 ' 
Like New Amsterdam, Tainan in the 17th century was an outpost of Dutch influence. While the Dutch colonized all of Taiwan from 1624 to 1662, their capital there was Tainan, and to this day several forts from that era survive in the city and memorialize Dutch sway. Dutch rule over New York stretched from 1609 to 1667. And like New York, Tainan is a port.
The various artists included in this exhibition reflect different aspects of the culture of Tainan or New York, generating snapshots growing out of life experience. In addition to the stresses mentioned below, they react to fissures between male and female, between Taoist folk religion on the one hand and science and technology on the other, and the ever-present strains between rural and urban life.

Pfizer Building, 630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11026
[1st floor, by door on Flushing Ave nearest Marcy]
Exhibition runs through September 3, 2017
(Open hours: Wednesday to Friday noon to 6pm, other days by appointment only. e-mail: