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November 10, 2017   

Our Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving, the highly celebrated and cherished America tradition is only two weeks away. It is a reminder of the kindness of Native Americans toward early European refugees who had escaped prosecution in the hopes of finding a better life.
To celebrate, the Child Foundation is teaming up with local charities in a virtual Thanksgiving dinner to help refugees in six different countries. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we invite you to help us support the children in these countries:
  • Afghanistan: Help Afghan refugees who escaped Taliban prosecution and live in tents in Afghanistan's Faryab province.
  • Cambodia:  Help children in a country with over one million orphans and 20,000 street children in the capital, Phnom Phen.
  • Iran:  Help children of Fonooj, one of the most underprivileged regions of Iran, where the schools are man-made huts built with date palm.
  • Myanmar:  Help the stateless, impoverished Rohingya children who have escaped the atrocities of their home country in Myanmar.
  • Syria : Help newly-arrived Syrian refugees who lack many provisions and live in temporary camps.
  • Uganda:  Help the Batwa indigenous people who had been moved forcefully by the government, leaving them homeless and vulnerable.
I cordially invite you to join us in our virtual Thanksgiving dinner in an effort to extend a helping hand to those who are in dire need. This is a safe and secure opportunity to send your tax-deducible contribution to the  virtual dinner of choice.

Let's enjoy this Thanksgiving with the children of the world!
Kamyar Lashgari
President & CEO

Gifts for Our Children
During last month our local office helped some of our donors in purchasing gifts for their children.

Forough from California, bought a bicycle for Ali Asghar who lives in Zabol, and, Farshad from Australia made Fatemeh in Darab, very happy with a gift of a large refrigerator, Asieh from New Jersey bought a bicycle for Mohammad-Mehdi who is sharing his new bicycle with his younger brother. Mohammad Mehdi lives in Jiroft.
Ali-Asghar, Fatemeh and Mohammad Mehdi are all very sharp and devoted students who are supported by our generous donors.
Meet Mohammad-Mehdi & Yekta 
Mohammad M (Zabol)
Yekta (Shahr-e-Kord)
My name is Mohammad Mehdi and I love school. My parents are divorced because of my dad's severe addiction. 
In order to keep custody, my mother has waived all of her legal rights, including her dowry and alimony. My mother has knee arthritis and back lumbar degenerative disk disease. Despite her illness she still works as a helper in a pharmacy.
Even with the help of government subsidies, my mother's salary does not cover our expenses, including my education. We do not have a properly functioning oven or air-conditioning system.
Your support can help me continue my education.

To support Mohammad to continue his education please click here.
My name is Yekta and I am thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. I live in Shahr-e-kord, in the Charmahal Bakhtiari province of Iran.
My parents are divorced and my sister and I live with our mother and grandmother. My mother cleans houses along with some carpet weaving to bring home a small income. 

Unfortunately this is not enough for my family's daily needs. Since we cannot afford rent, we live in a small room in my grandmother's house. However, even my grandmother struggles and cannot help us much.
Your generosity will help me continue my education and work towards a better and brighter future.

T o support  Yekta to continue her education, please click here.

You Shop, We Get Paid!

Why not make this holiday season extra special knowing you can give by simply using our Amazon link while shopping for your loved ones. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to the Child Foundation at no extra cost to you. Enjoy shopping by simply using this link and Amazon will take care of the rest.
Of course, you can donate directly to the Child Foundation on Giving Tuesday as well

Thank you & happy shopping!
Thank You, You are the Best !

During the last few weeks, the following individuals have joined thousands of our sponsors who provide monthly assistance to children.

We sincerely welcome them and at the same time warn them to prepare for many years of enjoying the wonderful feelings of helping a child achieve his/her dreams through education.

Amir (CA), Darya (CA), Fatemeh (VA), Lida (CA), Lon 13 (VA), Majid (WA), Nasim 3 (PA), Reza 2(OR), Sara (CA), Ziba (CA),

Australia: Parisa, Seyed Mohammad Hossein; Canada: Fatemeh, Seyed Mohammad 2; Denmark: Shilan; France: Asef; Netherland: Hamed 2  

The red numbers show number of children they chose to sponsored
If you wish to sponsor a child, please visit our  waiting list here  .

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Hi, I'm Reza!   
I am twelve years old and in the seventh grade. I live in the city of Ahvaz, in the Khozestan province.
My father is mentally disabled and my mother is a maid and does not receive government health insurance.
We live in a small two-bedroom house that lacks basic necessities. We live off of government food stamps, which we receive once every two months.
Without your support I cannot continue my education and will be forced to quit.
Let's Save Lives,
Donate Blood! 

Don't forget our blood drive is this Monday, November 13 in Portland, OR at the Child Foundation office.  We still have available appointment times that need to be filled to meet our blood collections goal.
Come meet our community and help save lives. For more information please visit here.

Please sign in here and use sponsor code ChildFoundation.

You can also streamline your donation experience and save 15 minutes by visiting Rapid Pass page here to answer some questions.

Give Blood
Give Life! 
This Giving Tuesday Facebook will match up to $1,000 per fundraiser, with a maximum of $50,000. The matching will begin at 8AM EST (5AM  PST) on November 28th.
Facebook is also waiving processing fees for every donation made to Child Foundation on #GivingTuesday.
Please visit our Facebook Page
Facebook Page on November 28 and click on the blue "Donate" button
Painting Exhibition
The Child Foundation has been collaborating with the Health and Art
(HEART) group in an effort for medical doctors and artists to help sick children in their time of need.
Through art, children can see hope and beauty despite the difficulties they may face in their lives.
Some of these paintings will be shown in the Child Foundation's Portland office on November 13 as part of HEART's worldwide exhibition.

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