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Friday, May 15, 2020
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ~  Program
12:30 - 1:00 p.m. ~ Community Building Session (optional)

Benefiting  vulnerable women, children and families 
who need mental health counseling and education.

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Honoree: Mary M. Riche,  
Mary M. Riche, is a multiplier. Whether nurturing a friendship, cultivating a garden, or growing support for an important cause - Mary is a powerful force for good. A retired therapist and marketing professional, Mary will be honored as an effective leader in many sectors including mental health, women's issues and civic engagement. She is a longtime supporter of the Des Moines  Pastoral Counseling Center as a past member of the board of directors  and more recently as co-chair of the 2018 Women Helping Women event. Mary is known for living with purpose, creating beauty and exuding warmth.  Mary does not just give. She gives her all with her whole heart.

Speaker: Jackie Servellon, 
Jackie Servellon is a storyteller. Like the best of storytellers, Jackie is able to reach deep inside herself to tap universal truths that bring meaning to all of us. As our keynote speaker, Jackie will share her personal story of hope and healing as a survivor of childhood trauma and domestic violence. She will speak on this devastating reality for many women, children and families, and how the power of counseling changed her. Jackie is not defined by her sorrow - she
is defined by the lovely life she has formed as a writer, baker, chef, mother, wife, friend, business owner, human services provider, and bilingual community leader. Jackie's spirit of gratitude and joy will transcend our virtual event format - inspiring us all to know we are "in this together."

Donation  Levels

$10,000 Presenting Sponsor * (includes 20 guest registrations)

$5,000 Leadership Sponsor * (includes ten guest registrations)

$2,500 Supporting Sponsor * (includes four guest registrations)

$1,500 Contributing Sponsor * (includes two guest registrations)

$1,000 Special Friend * (includes two guest registrations)

$500 Leader Plus * (includes one guest registration)

$250 Leader * (includes one guest registration)

$125 Young Leader * (includes one guest registration for those under 40)

$75 ( includes one event registration)

$50 (includes one event registration for those under 40)

*These additional support levels assist more women and girls in need.
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Thank you 
to our sponsors and leaders for their 
generous support.
as of 4/30/20
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Presenting Sponsor - $10,000
Mary Kay Bruce, In Honor of Mary Riche

Leadership Sponsors - $5,000
Bank of America
Susan and Bill Knapp
Wells Fargo

Supporting Sponsors - $2,500
American Enterprise Group
Pamela Bass-Bookey
Trudy Holman Hurd
Shirley Poertner
Polk County Board of Supervisors
Kitty Ellsworth Stoner, in honor of Mary Riche
Marti Wade
West Bank
Sally Wood
Kathleen and Larry Zimpleman

Contributing Sponsors - $1,500
Barbara Beatty
Cultivating Compassion: The Dr. Richard Deming Foundation
Delta Dental of Iowa
Des Moines University
Foster Group, Inc.
Fredrikson and Byron, P.A.
Iowa Radiology
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Kate and Andy Juelfs
Junior League of Des Moines
MidAmerican Energy Company
Mary M. Riche
Oasis, A Paychex Company
Salon Spa W
Silver Fox
Susan and Carl Voss

Special Friends - $1,000
Linda Anderson
Roxanne Barton Conlin
Patty Cownie
Tom and Cindy Fischer
Jann Freed and John Fisher
Barbara and Michael Gartner
Sharon Goldford, In Honor of Mary Riche
Randall H. Hamilton and Bruce L. Hughes
Mary Gottschalk
Starr and Harry Hinrichs
Charlotte Beyer Hubbell
Ellen Hubbell
Robert Josten and Susan Judkins, in honor of Mary Riche
Nancy Main
Robbie G. Malm, In Honor of Mary Riche
Sue Mattison
Claudette McDonald
Brenda Mouw
Cynthia O'Brien
Jill Oman
Allison and Timothy Peet, In Honor of Mary Riche
Deb and Bob Pulver Foundation
Janis Ruan
David Shaw
Rebecca Shaw, M.D.
Rachel Stauffer and Jim Lawson
Kathy and Ted Stuart
Marsha Ternus
Toni Urban
Dr. Teri Wahlig
Alan Zuckert and Joyce Dainty

Leaders Plus - $500
Mollie Baker
Kristen Benge
Janet Betts
Carol Bodensteiner
Anne Sloterdyk Brandt
Renee Clippert
Beth Coonan
Suzanna de Baca
Denise Essman
Bonnie Green
Jill Greiner
Mary Pat Gunderson, In honor of Mary Riche
Leslie Heimbach
Barbara Hein
Ann and Tom Holme
Andrea James
Martha James
Anne Kelly
Diane and Keith Krell
Marla Lacey
Barbara Nish
Beth Nyguard
Jennifer Lock Oman
Lynsey Oster
Kay Riley
Anne Roth
Patrice Sayre
Marti Sivi
Char Vukovich
Deb Wiley and John Schmidt

Leaders - $250
Anonymous Donor (4)
Rebecca Anthony, In Honor of Mary Riche
Sandy Axness
Pat Barry and Bryan Hall, In Honor of Mary Riche
Mary Kay Bartine
Mary Ann Beard, in honor of Mary Riche
Connie Beasley
Christine Bening
Sandy Benson Johnson, Benson Family Foundation
Beth Bishop
Connie Boesen
Nancy Bone
Margaret Borgen
Katie Bradshaw
Dory Briles, In Honor of Mary Riche
Mary C. Brooks, In Honor of Mary Kay Bruce
Suzan Kelsey Brooks
Suzie Glazer Burt
Phyllis Cacciatore
Kevin and Julie Carroll
Marilyn Carroll
Joyce Chapman
Polly Clark
Alicia Claypool
Julie Ann Connolly
Chris Conyers
Connie Cook and Joe Jongewaard, In Honor of Mary Riche
Holly Craiger
Cheryl Critelli
Cynde Cronin
Diane Cutler
Marsha and Ellery Duke
Kelly Edmister
Katherine Elsner, D.D.S.
Karen Engman
Claudia Peyton Ewald
Peggy Fisher
Fran Fleck
Allison Fleming
Julie Fleming
Robin Fortney
Heidi Foster, in honor of Mary Riche
Beth B. Gaul
Mary Susan Gibson, in honor of Mary Riche
Judy Gilbert
Kathy Giles
Shawna Gisi
Deborah Gitchell
Diane Glass and Jeff Means
Linda Goeldner
Dennis Groenenboom and Scott Hartsook
Carol Hallquist, In Honor of Mary Riche
Rachel Hardin
Renee Hardman
Sarah Hayes
Lynn Heggen
Victoria Herring, In Honor of Mary Riche
Trudie Higgs
Barb Hirsch-Giller
Jill Hittner
Michelle Hogan
Beverly Hutney
Connie Isaacson, In Honor of Mary Riche
Linda L. Jennings
Maureen Keehnle, In honor of Mary Riche
Pamela Kenyon, In honor of Mary Riche
Mary Ellen Kimball
Mary Kramer
Kathi Koenig
Mary F. Kunkel
Jennie LeGates
Caroline Levine
Tracy Levine, In Honor of Mary Riche
Sheila Starkovich Lingwall
Julie Linn
Ann Lyons, In Honor of Mary Riche
Deb Madison-Levi
Cyril Mandelbaum
Kate Massop
Lorraine May
Cathy McMullen
Kristin Medhurst
Ann Michelson
Middleton Family
Lisa Minear
Jana Montgomery
Debra Moore
Cheryl Morton
Jill Musin
Linda K. Neuman, In Honor of Mary Riche
Greg Nichols
Charlotte Noble
Jackie Norris
Jeanne O'Halloran
Jo Oldson
Katie Overby, In honor of Mary Riche
Eliza Ovrom
John and Mary Pappajohn
Donna Paulsen
Gail Pearl
Sally Pederson
Diann M. Peyton
Melissa Poley, Serendipity Spa
Deanna Questad, M.D.
Judy Ralston-Hansen
Lynette Rasmussen
Artis Reis
Helen Robinson
Janet Rosenbury
Katie Roth
Katherine Safris
Priscilla Sayeed
Pam Schoffner
Mary Kay Shanley
Judy Sheldon
Chris Sidwell
Loretta Sieman
Laurie Betts Sloterdyk
Kelly Sparks
Terri Mork Speirs
Kimberly Stamatelos
Joan Stark
Hallie Still-Caris
Dr. Jacqueline Stoken
Ellen Strachota
Gail Stubbs
Sarah Sullivan
Sarah and Andy Susanin
Cheryl Sypal
April Talbot
Joyce and Harold Templeman
Karen Unrau
Terri Vaughan
Susan Vujnovich-McRoberts
Sally Wallace
Marilyn Warling
Linda Weidmaier
Tracy Wheeler, In Honor of Jan Berg Kruse
Michele Whitty
Jean Williams
Emily Williams-Bouska
Janie Wine
Mary L. Wine
Dr. Judy Winkelpleck
Roberta Yoder
Kent Zimmerman

Young Leaders - $125
Morgan Baumert
Rachel Bruns
Mary Beth Drey-Buechel
Kathryn Wheeler Driscoll
Mollie Giller
Megan Kading
Onnalee Kelley
Paige Kennedy
Emily Susanin Kessinger
Jenna Knox, In Honor of Mary Riche
Joe Lee
Ali Makris
Sharon and Susan Malheiro
Meghan Malloy
Anna Mason
Kate Mead
Jessica Nelsen
Leigh Nelson
Katie Patterson
Erica Schaefer
Kendra D. Simmons
Gina Skinner-Thebo
Amanda Speirs
Ann-Charlotte Wade
Whitney Warne
Emily Webb
Andrea Woodard

Table Hosts - $750 / 10 reservations
Stephanie Asklof
Ann Flood
Foster Group, Inc.
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
L.U.N.A. (Latinas United for a New Dawn) hosted by Sharon Goldford
Robyn Mills
Estee Roe
Kim and Rich Willis

Special thanks to
Connie Wilson Design
Embassy Suites
Integrity Printing
XO-LP // Laura Palmer

Media Sponsor
Business Publications Corporation
Women Helping Women 
Planning  Commitee 2020

Stephanie Asklof,  CO-CHAIR
Anne Roth,  CO-CHAIR
Whitney Warne,  CO-CHAIR

Carol Bodensteiner
Annie Sloterdyk Brandt
Melissa Cano-Zelaya
Beth Coonan
Kathryn Wheeler Driscoll
Ann Flood
Kathy Giles
Rachel Hardin
Renee Hardman
Connie Isaacson
Kate Juelfs
Anne Kelly
Paige Kennedy
Emily Susanin Kessinger
Ali Makris
Robyn Mills
Jessica Nelsen
Leigh Nelson
Beth Nyguard
Laura Palmer
Stephanie Pearl
Kelly Sparks
Sarah Sullivan
Billie Wade
Ann-Charlotte Wade
Connie Wilson
Sally Wood
Women Helping Women 
Underwriting Cabinet 2020

Pamela Bass-Bookey
Carol Bodensteiner
Katie Bradshaw
Annie Sloterdyk Brandt
Beth Coonan
Paula Duncan
Ann Flood
Jann Freed
Kathy Giles
Debbie Gitchell
Sharon Goldford
Sarah Hayes
Starr Hinrichs
Connie Isaacson
Emily Susanin Kessinger
Ali Makris
Claudette McDonald
Robyn Mills
Lynsey Oster
Katie Roth
Kathy Stuart
Sarah Sullivan
Susan Voss
Marti Wade
Sally Wood

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