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In early 2021, CARPLS began its work for the Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt-Early Resolution Project (ERP) and since then has completed third party negotiations and settlements on behalf of hundreds of ERP clients.

The ERP program was a major undertaking for CARPLS and introduced a new element to its services: ongoing settlement negotiations.

The ERP team has worked very hard to achieve success since CARPLS took the program on, persevering through changing circumstances in the world around us. It has been an exciting new addition to our usual services.

Here is a look back at the program’s success:

Helping clients stay in their homes

  • 44.3 percent of eviction clients reached agreements to stay in their homes after receiving help from CARPLS.
  • Not everyone wants to or can stay in their present apartment, but getting as much time as possible to move out was also an important point our attorneys negotiated for on behalf of clients.
  • CARPLS negotiated a total of 4271 extra days, an average of 61 extra days per client, for eviction clients to remain in their homes. This means CARPLS helped eviction clients stay in their living spaces for about two extra months on average, which makes a major difference in overall quality of life for clients. Many clients may have faced quick eviction if the ERP team did not accept their cases, but CARPLS helped buy them extra time to make a plan in handling their evictions and finding new places to live.
Help with consumer debt
"Ruby" called CARPLS because she was unemployed and only receiving child support and was experiencing a consumer debt issue. We advised Ruby about her case. She said, "I'm no longer anxious. The attorney really helped me!"
Credit card complaint
Peter called CARPLS because his family was experiencing credit card debt. Peter is disabled and qualified for exemptions. He said, "CARPLS was able to give me the information that I needed for my hearing. They were extremely knowledgeable too!"
Client avoids eviction
Anthony called CARPLS because he was afraid he would be evicted that day. CARPLS advised him of the eviction process and that he could not be evicted so soon. Anthony said, "They helped give me peace of mind."