Join Us At The Capital Campaign
Volunteer Organization Meeting
You are invited to a become part of the St. Charles Borromeo Parish capital campaign. Please join us Thursday, September 16, at the Volunteer Organization Meeting in Borromeo Hall at 7 pm.
When you join a volunteer team you will be a decision-maker, a creative thinker, a parish leader. We need your help to tailor our campaign to the unique personality of our parish.

You may join one of the following volunteer teams:

  • Prayer: to develop a time and way of discernment.

  • Events: to conduct a series of social events that do not ask for funds, but communicate the details of the plans.

  • Thanks: to express our gratitude to donors.

  • Youth: to involve them in an act of stewardship, to teach a lifelong lesson.

  • Ambassador: to contact every family in the parish to answer their questions about the plans.

  • Communication: to create a thorough communication system, email, web, text, video, brochure, newsletters, social media, to share information with the parish.

Each team will be supported by staff.
(816) 436-0880