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During Coronavirus Quarantine
When the unexpected changes your lifestyle and mobility, benefits of North Jersey Villages (NJV) membership for older adults age 60+ who have chosen to age at home include access to some essential services (i.e. groceries and supplies, medication pick up, essential transportation, special requests and emergencies)! It is not too late if you or your neighbors need such services and want to join NJV ( NJV membership free through June 2020 ) and, for those who join now , take advantage of negotiated $50 discount on Umbrella membership for NJV members and Umbrella membership will not be charged until June .  N.B. Umbrella is focusing on providing only "essential help" to seniors during the coronavirus outbreak .
Y ou are not alone...
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Kathy Kuzma
Executive Director,
NJV HUB Village
Message from Umbrella:

As an organization specifically dedicated to helping adults 60+ live better lives at home, we have been closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and continually evaluating how we can best serve you.  

In order to protect our thousands of Members and Neighbors—and all of the people living in the areas we serve— we are postponing all nonessential Umbrella jobs until April 1st .

Doing this allows us to turn our full focus to helping each Member get the items and services you need right now, in the most affordable way, using Umbrella Neighbors or local services in your area (while minimizing contact). You can read more below, and  visit our coronavirus response page for more details.

Umbrella can help you get the items and services you need during the coronavirus outbreak .
Groceries & supplies
Do you have everything you need in order to stay in your home safely (food, household supplies, pet supplies)? We will help you arrange the most affordable option—whether it’s an Umbrella Neighbor or by ordering groceries online on your behalf. 

Medication pickup
If you need prescription or over-the-counter medications to be picked up or delivered, we will find the most affordable option to get these to you (in many cases, free delivery is available).

Essential transportation
If you have a doctor’s appointment (and your doctor approves that you should go out in order to make the appointment), we can arrange transportation for you. 

Special requests & emergencies
If a plumbing, electrical, or other issue comes up that would make it unsafe for you to stay in your home, please call us and we will help you get the service you need.   
Additionally, to minimize contact, Umbrella Neighbors will not take your signature at the end of a job. You will still receive an email receipt for your automatic credit card charge as usual. Are there other ways we can help? Please call, text, or email us to let us know.

Be well,
Julie from Umbrella
About NJV HUB Village: North Jersey Villages, Inc. (NJV) is a one-stop call center for resources and developing networks of neighbors maintaining vibrant lifestyles and helping each other to age in place. NJV is a Member of the Village-to-Village Network ( www.vtvnetwo ). Learn more about NJV HUB Village :
About Umbrella : Umbrella provides easy, trusted help to homeowners 60+ by matching people who need help with odd jobs, home chores and home maintenance tasks (everything from changing a light fixture or leaky faucet to yard work to home organizing) with vetted community members - Umbrella Neighbors - who can help at an affordable rate.